Oskar Sala Wife: Meet The Wife Of German Physicist A Pioneer Of Electronic Music?

We already know who Oskar Sala, a German composer, and electronic music pioneer, is. Most do not know about his wife. This article will show you, the wife of Oskar.

Who is Oskar Sala?

Sala was born in the year 1910, 18 July, in Greiz, German, and died on 26 February 2002. During his formative years, he studied the piano and organ and gave classical piano recitals.

He relocated to Berlin in 1929 to study piano and composition at the Berlin Conservatory under composer and violist Paul Hindemith. He also learned how to play the Trautonium, a groundbreaking electronic instrument invented by Dr. Friedrich Trautwein, by seeing his experiments in the school’s lab.

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Sala and Paul Hindemith presented the Trautonium in a public performance titled “Neue Musik Berlin 1930” on June 20, 1930, at the Berliner Musikhochschule Hall.

Sala later performed as the soloist in Hindemith’s Concert for Trautonium with String Quartet while on a Trautonium tour of Germany in 1931. He also performed a solo in Harald Genzmer’s “Concert for Trautonium and Orchestra,” which was written as a pupil of Hindemith.

Oskar Sala wife

Kathe Sala is the wife of Oskar Sala. They married for so many years and were blessed with children but there is no information about their children.  Kathe was his traveling friend. Kathe and Sala have been enjoying vacations together and also had traveled to many nations in the world.  

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