Pedro Jimeno Files For Divorce From Chantel Everett
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Pedro Jimeno, star of “90 Day Fiancé,” has filed for divorce from Chantel Everett, alleging that she stole a significant amount of money from their joint account out of spite for him. According to court records obtained by TMZ, Pedro initially filed in May and claimed that the two had split up the previous month.

The case is still pending, but he claimed that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” On the same day, he also filed an emergency motion, alleging Chantel had taken $257K out of their joint business account just five days prior to their separation and transferred it to an account in her and her sister’s names. Regarding the divorce, Pedro wants to divide all marital assets fairly. Jarett R. Sliz, Chantel’s lawyer, declined to respond.

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What Happened Between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno?

The issues between Everett and Jimeno have been clear since the start of the new season. They’ve engaged in several screaming matches together. The couple has been open about their suspicions and perceptions of one another aside from that. Everett had reservations about Jimeno’s close friendships with female coworkers despite Jimeno’s accusations that he was unmotivated and self-centered. Everett believes Jimeno is losing interest in their five years of marriage and does not care to inquire after her. Instead of going home to his wife, Jimeno is seen choosing to spend time with his coworkers.

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