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Positive Energy: What is it and 3 steps to achieve it


Positive energy is a constructive energy which lightens up a person from the inside and affects the world around him or her in a progressive way.

Positive Energy: What is it and 3 steps to achieve it
Positive Energy: What is it and 3 steps to achieve it

But keeping a constant positive energy amidst all the ills and negativity in the world at every turn, sucking every positivity out of you, can be very challenging. So how do you stay positive in a world where negativity sells?

How to achieve and maintain positive energy 

Well, anyone in pursuit of positive energy must be willing to put in the work. To achieve a positive mindset and energy which is constant and renews with each passing moment, the steps below will put you on the right path.

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1. Your state of mind

American author Neville Goddard proposed a philosophical law he named the Law of Assumption

In this law, he theorized that a person’s state of mind has a direct impact on his state of being. Effectively, the law says you can use your mind to manifest things in the physical. Taking cue from this, it is clear that what you think about, affects significantly whether you have a positive or negative mindset or energy. 

Taking charge of your thoughts is certainly an essential step to keep a positive energy. Remember you are what you think. Think positively and you will naturally exude positive energy,which in turn positively impact the world around you.

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2. See the good

The eye is a gateway to the mind. Seeing, in this context transcends what’s within your field of view and what is without. See beyond the present circumstances, see the good that could be rather than the bad. This way, with every situation, whether good or bad, your perspective becomes different because while others see what is now, you see the good that could be, the opportunities to  change a bad fortune.

3. Speak Positivity

Teachers become very good at the subject they teach by constantly speaking and teaching it. Spoken words have a way of getting registered in the subconscious. Start speaking positively and soon you’ll realize your thoughts are always on the positivity you profess with your mouth.

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