Prayer for pets who died

Have you lost a pet and wondering which prayer for pets to say during your hard time? If yes then this post of for you as it’s about prayer for pets who died.

Prayer for pets who died

Dear Lord, as I grieve the loss of my pet
My constant companion, my wonderful friend
Give me sweet glimpses of heavenly grace
Of life in renewal and the wonder you’ve made.

Comfort my heart with deep memories
Of intimate bonds of dwelling with them.
Calm all my thoughts, they are safe in your arms,
Eternity has room for their precious hearts.
Help me to give thanks for the joy that they’ve been
Soften my sadness, come stay close to me. 


Blessed are you, Lord God, for all living creatures you have made.
You keep them in your care and not one of them is lost without you knowing.
They glorify you, each in its own way, and speak to us of your beauty and love.
Bless them and keep them from harm.
They unquestionably accept their place in the rhythm of your creation.
May we respect them and cherish them for they are your gift to us;
through them may we come to know you better and praise you, their Creator.
Blessed be the love and joy that they bring to us. Amen.

O Lord our God, we come before You this day in sadness. (Pet’s name), who brought us so much joy in life, has now died. (His/Her) happy times in our family’s embrace have come to an end. We miss (pet’s name) already.

Help us, O God, to remember the good times with (pet’s name). Remind us to rejoice in the happy times (he/she) brought to our home. Let us be thankful for the good life we were blessed to give to (him/her).

We are grateful to You, God, for creating (pet’s name), for entrusting (him/her) to our care, and for sustaining (him/her) in our love for a measure of time. We understand that all that lives must die. We knew that this day would come. And yet, O God, we would have wanted one more day of play, one more evening of love with (pet’s name).

O God, as we have taken care of (pet’s name) in life, we ask that You watch over (him/her) in death. You entrusted (pet’s name) to our care; now, we give (him/her) back to You. May (pet’s name) find a happy new home in Your loving embrace.

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the joy we have felt over the years of having such a beautiful pet dog. So much of your goodness and gentleness was given to us by his/her presence. We feel so sad to now have lost such a faithful companion. We now trust in your promise of redemption. We trust in the promise of heaven – that our new lives will be free from sin, pain and death.

We give thanks for all that you have given us and place our devoted loved one into your eternal hands.

As we remember (pet’s name), may we love each other more dearly. May we care for all Your creatures, for every living thing, as we protected the blessed life of (pet’s name). May (his/her) memory bless our lives with love and caring forever. Amen.


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