Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Do you want to start a business in Ghana? If YES, here are 10 profitable businesses in Ghana with high demand that you can start. Ghana is a country blessed with natural resources such as gold, oil, timber, cocoa, and more. The country is also rich in human resources with a young and vibrant population.

These two factors make Ghana a very attractive destination for businesses. The upsurge in businesses in Ghana has resulted in an increase in demand for goods and services. This has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses that can meet this demand and be profitable.

In this article, we will consider 10 businesses that are profitable in Ghana. These businesses have been carefully selected based on their high demand and potential for profitability.

10 Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Mobile Money Agent

It goes without saying that the Ghanaian mobile money business provides some of the most lucrative job prospects. Working as a mobile money agent is one of the top business ideas in the country.

Every month, mobile money dealers earn $500 to $3,000 in commissions. Your capacity to earn a living as a mobile money agent is determined by your geographical location, customers, and initial capital. All you need to start a mobile money business is a business certificate, and then you may apply for a SIM card. It takes less than three months to obtain the Sim.

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Laundry Business

One of the most successful small business endeavors is laundry service. You may start a successful washing business with minimal money. You don’t need all of the equipment to start your business, which is an exciting feature. You can start small and work your way up.


Dropshipping is one of the most profitable internet business ideas. In essence, it is a type of eCommerce business in which you may sell products that you do not own. You will, however, need to sell your products through other means and set up an internet store. The fact that you don’t have to store product inventory is an appealing component of dropshipping.

Travel/Tourism Agency

Starting a travel or tourism business might be costly, but the rewards are enormous. Although it will take some time for this business to grow, it will become well-known in the long term. When launching this company, it is critical to create a website, lease space, and hire at least two travel agents.

Poultry Farming

It’s one of the most profitable occupations to consider. You can purchase land, avian housing structures, agro-inputs including food and various medications, day-old chicks, and farm staff with very little money. The chicks benefit from enough security, a clean environment, and an effective lighting system. You may quickly generate a good income from animal products such as meat, eggs, and fertilizer.

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Make-up artist

It’s no secret that selling cosmetics is one of Ghana’s most profitable businesses. Cosmetics have a large business since so many people want to look pretty in public. A career as a makeup artist is a possible alternative.

Even while the majority of women apply their own cosmetics, some are not experts. There are two options here: either hire a makeup professional or start selling your products. Regardless of the outcome, you would continue to profit from the business. Make-up artists can earn money by using social media and even launching a shop. I believe it is one of the most profitable enterprises in Ghana that you can start small and grow into a large one.

Cosmetics Business

If you enjoy beauty, this is the career for you. The cosmetics industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. Before you can begin, you must perform extensive research on the subject you truly want to tackle. If you improve your marketing skills, it is one of the most profitable enterprises in Ghana.

Fashion Design

One of the first business concepts that comes to mind is fashion design. Surprisingly, despite the fact that this organization has been in operation for some time, the industry is consistently developing. You can now start a fashion design company and make a lot of money.

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You can choose the fashion industry to work in. If you start out big, you may open a fashion house for any style of apparel.

Barbering Shop

Barbering is another way to make money in Ghana. To get started, all you need is a well-equipped shop and a few trained employees. In Ghana, most barbers charge between $5 and $20 per client. You could earn more than $150 each day depending on your location.

Snail Farming

Even if you dislike snails, consider keeping them for your business. Snail farming requires only a little amount of area. The need for snail flesh and cosmetics makes snail farming viable. Because of the profits, snail farming is becoming increasingly popular in Ghana. It is not expensive to begin with. A snail grows to adulthood in only 16 months. In Ghana, snail farming is undervalued. But those who work in it make a good living out of it. It is one of the best farming profitable businesses in Ghana.


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