Restaurants Near Me: 10 Must-Visit Restaurants In Tema

Hungry? Are you wondering, “Where can I find restaurants near me right now?” or “Where is the nearest restaurant?” Are you looking for a quick way to find restaurants near you? You can easily search for restaurants near your location, such as fish restaurants near me, cheap restaurants near me, five-star restaurants near me, fast food restaurants near me, buffet restaurants nearby, and other places to eat. Continue reading for more information on the top 15 Must-Visit Restaurants In Tema

What are the best restaurants near me?

There are a number of the nearest restaurant to me in Tema as it is a city in the center of the world. The town Tema is on the Bight of Benin and the Atlantic coast of Ghana which is located 25 kilometers (16 mi) east of the capital city; Accra.

Restaurants Near Me: 15 Must-Visit Restaurants In Tema
Restaurants Near Me: 10 Must-Visit Restaurants In Tema

A restaurant near me in Tema is mostly found when you visit the Tema Metropolitan District as it is believed to be one of the populous settlements in Ghana, with a population of approximately 161,612 people as of 2013.

Restaurants Near Me: 15 Must-Visit Restaurants In Tema

What are the most reviewed restaurants near me? Day in and day out in Tema, Ghana is constantly expanding with a variety of restaurants, from local eats to fine dining. Check out our top 15 restaurants near and also the must-visit Restaurants In Tema here;

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Nocknita Restaurant

Nocknita Restaurant is one of the best luxurious restaurants near me located in Tema, Ghana. This is not one of the nasty restaurant food you may see around but the best when you come to them, for it has all completely home-cooked recipes, fresh ingredients, genuine tastes, well priced, and food service on point. Nocknita Restaurant is worth the drive from Accra! If you live in Tema then your number one spot to visit.

Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant

A nice Chinese restaurant in Tema. Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant has a nice old-style Chinese setting, the carpet, the entrance dish, etc. It’s quite spacious and clean. A very friendly, cozy, and romantic atmosphere here. It’s not cheap but worth the price. The service is excellent and the waiters good. My friends and I ordered wonton and supreme seafood for a starter course. Fried rice and pork sauce for the main dish. Good taste and healthy food.

Bassilissa Restaurant

Looking for the best pizza, shawarma, buger, rice, and chicken? Then look no further than Bassilissa restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Tema with branches in Accra, Afienya, and Mataheko. You might want to grab a quick launch at competitive prices.

Slices and Toppings

If you find yourself in community 25,26 and you want to eat one of the best pizzas or meals then I recommend Slices and toppings. It’s one of the restaurants near me that my friends and I usually order from or go grab a drink. Slices have a good ambiance, well-trained staff, and very friendly management. It’s a very relaxing place for weekend hangouts and weekdays night outs

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Mr Blinks

Mr Blinks is one of the must-visit restaurants in tema, for it’s located in tema community 25. It is a nice local restaurant & Bar. A good place to hang out with friends or meet local people. Mr Blinks has a wide selection of local Dishes, beer & drinks. Good ambient on Weekend with DJ,s playing afrobeat tunes. Friendly staff and their prices too are fair.

Mayflower restaurant

When you looking for one of the best restaurants nearby in tema, then Mayflower restaurant shouldn’t be missing from your bucket list. Mayflower is a restaurant ant, and an event center that caters to weddings, parties, and other special occasions. They also provide offices for rentals.

Feel At Home Tilapia Joint

Feel at home tilapia joint is one of the nearest restaurants to be located in Tema Ghana, with an awesome Restaurant established in the city of Tema for Enjoying healthy and delicious meals with friends and family. Feel at home tilapia joint is one of the best places for food lovers due to its cooking practice.

Brians Place Restaurant

Brian’s Place restaurant is located in Tema, Ghana. This happens to be one of the best restaurants in the city with a pub and clubhouse. You can visit there for your enjoyment from food to clubbing. Brian’s Place restaurant isn’t far from Mayflower.

Meet And Eat

Meet and eat restaurant is one of the best nearest restaurants to be known for its outstanding Indian cuisine, excellent service with great ambiance. Meet and Eat restaurant prepares everything fresh using the best quality ingredients and the freshest vegetables. Each dish represents flavor, essence, affection, and pleasure.

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Rikkie’s Place

This is one of the best restaurants known for quality and affordable meals plus a serene environment. Rikki’s place food is fresh and made on request.

Chakula Restaurant

Chakula restaurant is one of the restaurants near me known for its scrumptious food, and excellent service. Dont forget to try their red-red, very fantastic.

Fry ‘n’ Bake Restaurant

This is the best fufu and goat meat joint as far as the nearest restaurant to me in Tema, is concerned. It is a decent restaurant right on the roadside adjacent to the total fuel station at comm11 traffic. Most companies have their end-of-year awards and get-to-getter parties here in this place. It’s very spacious and has nice food and all sorts of beverages to serve. There is a large car pack around to host a large number of clients at a goal.

Akea Patisserie and more

When you’re hungry for good food, you might search for restaurants near me but what about nearby restaurants that will deliver? T Akea Patisserie is one of them you can get to eat and located in tema with quality services.

5th Avenue Bar & Grill

One of the best restaurants and grills in tema, where you get good food and a lovely environment.

Quakuk’s Buffet Restaurant

Quakuk’s Buffet Restaurant is a very nice Restaurant and the best place around Tema 25. We recommend it for people who like a restaurant in a living room atmosphere. It has a Cozy and nice interior. Their meal is on point.


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