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Does Rob France Have Any Children? Rob France, the highly successful fashion designer, entrepreneur, actor, and social media star, has often been asked if he has any children.

Rob France is married to his husband, Tan France, co-host of Queer Eye and author of the new book, Naturally Tan. The two met at a wedding in 2009 and married five years later in what has been described as a “fairytale” ceremony. Together, they have a strong and loving relationship.

Unfortunately, Rob and Tan are unable to have children of their own. As Tan revealed in a past interview on Good Morning America, the couple had struggled with fertility issues throughout their relationship and eventually opted to not pursue medical interventions. They remain very happy and committed to each other, but their family will remain a two-person unit.

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Despite the desire they have to become parents, Rob and Tan have taken full advantage of the opportunity to be a resource and mentor to other LGBTQ+ youth.

The couple has become increasingly vocal advocates of the community through their platforms, promoting acceptance, visibility, and understanding of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle.

Besides the positive and uplifting message they bring to the community, the couple has also acted as a source of inspiration to many LGBTQ+ youths. Tan has continuously acknowledged his privilege and the fact that it was hard work and determination that got them to where they are today, a message especially important to young LGBTQ+ people they can look up to and gain motivation from.

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Rob and Tan also use their presence to promote normalization and to create an environment of inclusivity. By simply living their lives in the open, they aim to show the world how important it is to be proud of who you are.

The couple, who lives happily together in Salt Lake City, Utah, has beautifully melted into the world of parenthood. Despite being unable to have children of their own, Rob and Tan are still able to give love, guidance, and understanding to those around them ay incredible strength and courage.

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Rob France children

Does Rob France have any children? How many children does Rob France have? Who are Rob France’s children? Rob France has a son with Tan France called Ismail France.

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