Rosalie Jean Willis: 5 Facts About Charles Manson’s First Wife

Rosalie Jean Willis: 5 Facts About Charles Manson’s First Wife

Rosalie Jean Willis is Charles Manson’s first wife who died on August 21, 2009 in Tucson, Arizona, after battling lung cancer.

Rosalie Jean Willis biography

On January 28, 1937, Rosalie Willis was born to Clarence Willis and Virginia McNish and grew up in Benwood, West Virginia. Charles Manson’s first wife Rosalie Willis was the third child of her parents but had three siblings; two sisters named Amy and Eileen and a brother named Clarence “Buster” Willis. Rosie Willis was raised in a broken home as both parents separated when she was very young.

Rosalie Jean Willis married at age 15

According to research, Charles Manson’s wife Rosalie Jean Willis was only 15 years old when she tied the knot at the Nazarene Church on January 7, 1955. Before she married Charles Manson, she was working as a waitress in a hospital.

Rosalie Jean Willis’s husband was arrested for taking a stolen car

Rosalie Jean Willis and husband Charles Manson

After their marriage in 1955, Charles Manson was picked up by the police for taking a stolen car across state lines. He was later imprisoned at Terminal Island in San Pedro, California, in 1956 just a year after marrying Rosalie Jean Willis.

Wills married 3 times before her death

Charles Manson’s first wife had three marriage before dying in 2009. Her first marriage was to Charles Manson which ended in 1957. She remarried another man called Jack White which lead to them having two sons namely; Jesse J. White, born in 1958, and Jed White, born in 1959. Willis and White later divorced in 1965. She later married a third time, to Warren Howard “Jack” Handley who passed away in 1998.

Rosalie Jean Willis’s, Charles Manson Jr., Changed His Name to Jay White

Rosalie Jean Willis and Charles Manson had a son named Charles Manson Jr. who changed his name to Jay White after her mother divorced the father and remarried another man called Jack White.

Wills’s sons all died at a young age

All three of Charles Manson’s first wife sons died away before she did. The first to die was Jed White who died in January 1971, after he was accidentally shot in the stomach by an 11-year-old friend. In August 1986, Jesse also died from an overdose in Houston, Texas. He was found dead by his friend in a car. Charles Manson Jr. who could not bare his father’s cross as been called the son of a thief and a murderer, shot himself in the head in 1993 at the age of 37.

What happened to Rosalie Jean Willis?

Rosalie Willis died of lung cancer at her home in Tucson, Arizona.

Who was Charles Manson’s first wife?

Rosalie Jean Willis

Is Charles Manson Jr still alive?



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