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Rosalie Officially Launches Akosplace


“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” Rosalie, CEO of “Akosplace ” has officially launched the new brand.

Akosplace was officially launched on the 15th of October 2022 in the united states of America. The clothing brand is currently an online store where you can purchase all your apparel.

Rosalie Officially Launches Akosplace
Rosalie Officially Launches Akosplace

Rosalie has been in Fashion for some years now and still counting; she’s beaten all the odds amidst the current world pandemic to officially launch and commission her brand. Rosalie has hand-picked selective designs from a third party for her new online store, In the future, Rosalie plans on designing her own clothing Line.

During the Akosplace launch, the CEO showcased a wide range of enchanting, simple, unique styles and affordable prices fit for all, The Fashion designer is ready for both male and female bespoke with her experience and Modernity.

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Who Is Akosplace owner?

Rosalie is the owner and founder of Akosplace. According to Rosalie, “My faith and love for Christ and her flawless fashion sense and creativity lead her to start her own clothing brand.

While growing her faith in Christ she decided she wanted to represent Christ in the right way. Modesty was the standard of representing Christ but as she grew in her faith she came to know that modesty is from our hearts, not our outward appearance.

Rosalie wanted to start a clothing brand for women and men to still represent Christ and still be able to be fashionable, modest, and still feel confident in their faith.”

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Rosalie Officially Launches Akosplace

About Akosplace

Akosplace has classy, elegant, fly, and fashionable apparel for any occasion: friend’s night out, birthday dinner, date night, or a spontaneous day In the haze of your experiences, Akosplace apparel will make you feel sophisticated, gorgeous, and lit up.

The mission and vision for the existence of Akosplace is; Is to instill confidence, boldness, and creativity, and to know that modesty can also be fashionable and creative. It doesn’t have to feel dull or boring you can still be modest and slay!


You can reach Akosplace via their website or social media platforms
Instagram: @shopakosplace

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