Rovleta Fraser Cause of Death
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The singing community is in mourning following the death of Rovleta Fraser Campbell. The 48-year-old artist died last Thursday at Manchester’s Mandeville Hospital. Rovleta Campbell had been sick for a while after her husband, Robert Campbell.

Rovleta also sung backup for Grammy winner Damian “Jr Gong” Marley. She co-wrote the Grammy-winning album Welcome to Jamrock song Hey Girl with Stephen Marley, on which she also sang.

She also worked with Teena Marie, an American rhythm and blues singer, on Congo Square, her last studio album, which was released in 2009. As a guest, Rovleta contributed vocals to the song Rovleta’s Jass.

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“She had been ill and in pain because of irregularities in her breast for some time. To ascertain the precise reason for her demise, an autopsy will be performed “explained he. He recalled his wife as being kind and considerate. “She was a very sincere and kind individual. She was also incredibly sincere, loving, and truthful. She adored music and performance “Campbell, who first encountered Rovleta when she attended Holy Childhood High School, claimed that.

A corporate executive, Patria Kaye Charles, paid tribute to her in a Facebook post. “Rov had a smooth voice. I was aware of her abilities, but you couldn’t help but respect her pipes when she garnered a standing ovation from the audience after performing a Whitney [Houston] song every night. Because of her modest confidence, I enjoy witnessing her throughout a Gong set.

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She never missed a beat and was a sight to behold. You were heard and seen, Rovleta Fraser Campbell. “I appreciate you taking the stage,” said the message. Rovleta Fraser Campbell works at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo). She performed the vocals for consumer and telecom brand advertisements.

Rovleta Fraser Cause of Death

According to official accounts, she had a chronic condition and had been receiving hospice care for some time before she died. She had been ill and in discomfort for some time due to anomalies in her breast. Autopsy reports will identify her specific cause of death. We will update this page whenever we have formal details on Rovleta Fraser’s death.

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