Rufai Abubakar: Fake Lt. Colonel Arrested Inside Burma Camp; His 2 Wives Swear He’s Not fake
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The military said that one Rufai Abubakar was arrested at Burma Camp for pretending to be a senior military officer. The suspect’s two wives swear that their husband is a real military officer.

A statement from Naval Captain M. A. Larbi, Director of Public Relations, and copied to showed that Rufai Abubakar was pretending to be a Senior Military Officer and trying to get into a military installation inside Burma Camp.

Since then, the suspect, Rufai Abubakar, has been turned over to the Police CID so that he can be investigated and charged.

The military high command thinks that, since his two wives in Ablekuma and Olebu thought their husband was a real military officer, he may have fooled and scammed many other people.

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Rufai Abubakar was caught, and many people fell for recruitment scams. The military said in an official statement that he was closely watched when he went to Burma Camp:

The suspect was wearing a fake Lieutenant Colonel rank and a camouflage military uniform. He said he worked at Northern Command Headquarters and was on his way to the Air Force Base to book a flight to Tamale.

The suspect who drove a commercial vehicle into Burma Camp was closely watched when he got off at a bus stop and went to the Air Force Base.

The guards on duty noticed that he was acting strangely and asked him about it. After giving some confusing answers, he admitted that he was not in the military.

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He also said that he pretended to be a Senior Military Officer so that he could scam Mr. Abdallah Abdul Fatahu out of GH3,000.00. He did this by saying that he was going to recruit Mr. Abdallah Abdul Fatahu into the Ghana Armed Forces.

At the time he was caught, the suspect had fake military ID cards, business cards, and other papers with his name on them. The Military Police did a follow-up search at his two homes in Ablekuma Fan Milk and Olebu. They found several certificates, fake Ghana Armed Forces recruitment application summary reports with the names of people who had been scammed, military uniforms and gear, and a toy pistol.

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People in this situation are asked to call the Police CID to help with investigations and to help the GAF and Security Services get rid of bad people in our communities.

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