The name of former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs’s ex-wife is Stacey Cooke. Ryan Giggs and Stacey Cooke were a couple from 7th September 2007 to 2016. Stacey Cooke was happily married to the former manager of the Wales national team until it was alleged Ryan was having an affair with his PR.

This broke Stacey’s heart and she had to separate from her husband in 2016. The divorce didn’t take effect in 2016 however it was finalized in 2017. Ryan Giggs and his ex-wife had two wonderful children called Zachary Joseph Giggs, who is 15 years, and  Liberty Beau Giggs, 19 years old.

According to reports, Ryan Giggs’s ex-wife is currently dating a man called Max George.

Who was Ryan Giggs first wife?

The name of former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs’s first wife is Stacey Cooke

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Who was Ryan Giggs wife?

Ryan Giggs wife was Stacey Cooke

Who is stacey giggs?

Stacey Giggs was former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs’s first wife.

Does Ryan Giggs have a child?

Yes, Ryan Giggs has two children called Zachary Joseph Giggs and Liberty Beau Giggs

How many red cards did Ryan Giggs get?

Ryan Giggs got one red card in 1031 senior appearances in his career. To have equaled Sergio Ramos’ number of red cards for Real Madrid, he would need to have played 26,806 games.

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Are Rhodri and Ryan Giggs friends?

“They’ve not even met my six-year-old son or seen my 14-year-old in years.” Rhodri believes the feud has lasted so long because his relatives are unhappy with him continuing to speak about Ryan’s affair in interviews and for joking about the scandal in the infamous Paddy Power advert in 2019.

Did Ryan Giggs get his brother’s wife pregnant?

Ryan Giggs’ sister-in-law has revealed that the footballer made her pregnant during their eight-year affair. Natasha discovered the news shortly before her Las Vegas wedding to the Manchester United player’s brother Rhodri and said she was “a million per cent” sure it was Ryan’s.

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Is Max George back with Stacey Giggs?

A source told The Sun: “Max and Stacey are no longer together. They had a great relationship but as time passed, they realised it wasn’t to be. “Stacey was a rock to Max when Tom passed away and she supported him through it all.

How old was Giggs when retired?

At the age of 40, Giggs announced his retirement in May 2014 after becoming the most decorated player in United’s history.


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