Salaries Of Degree Teachers In Ghana Under GES

Salaries Of Degree Teachers In Ghana Under GES 2023. What is the current salary of degree teachers in Ghana? For many educators, Ghana has a rich and long-standing tradition in education.

What is the current salary of degree teachers in Ghana?

With quality control mechanisms in place and sustained investment in the education system, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has enabled the country to become one of the Most Educated Nations in Africa. As such, teachers play an integral role in meeting the high standards the country has set in educating its citizens.

How much does a degree holder earn in GES?

Under the GES, salaries for degree teachers are determined by the length of teaching experience, the level of academic degree attained, the number of extra duties carried out, and the cost of living in the region. The basic monthly salaries for degree teachers in Ghana are as follows:

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  • Degree Teachers with up to 5 years of teaching experience are eligible for a basic monthly salary of 1,852 GHS.
  • Degree Teachers with 5-15 years of teaching experience, receive a basic monthly salary of 1,993 GHS.
  • Degree Teachers with 15-25 years of teaching experience, receive a basic salary of 2,069 GHS.
  • Degree Teachers with 25-35 years of teaching experience and up, receive a basic monthly salary of 3,050 GHS.

In addition to the these base salaries, degree teachers may receive additional compensation for carrying out extra duties, such as responsible for curriculum development, facilitating distant learning programs, and supervising student activities. The nature of each extra duty and the time spent performing it are taken into account and negotiated on a case-to-case basis.

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With a strong focus on education and human capital development, Ghana is playing a key role in meeting the increasing demand for trained and qualified professionals in various fields. For degree-holding teachers, the GES provides competitive salaries which aim to incentivize and empower people in the field of education. As such, the GES is helping to make further strides in the development of the Ghanaian education system.

What is the current salary of degree teachers in Ghana?

At Ghana Education Service (GES), newly hired teachers with degree certificates earn a gross salary that ranges from 2,800 to 3,050. The 2023 base pay increase has raised the starting salary of newly hired diploma teachers to GHS 2.239.96.

Senior Superintendent Il staff are paid between GHS 2,066.49 (Low) and GHS 2,428.69.2 days ago. Despite having the same certificate, some degree teachers can command higher salaries than others, depending on their rank as well as their level of experience and promotion.

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