Savvas Savapoulos Net Worth
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Savvas Savapoulous is a mama that reminds us of the horrible incident that happened in 2015 with a murdered killing a family of three and their housekeeper in cold blood. As happened in 2015, Savvas, a millionaire, lived in his mansion with his wife and son who didn’t appear to have issues with anyone to warrant their painful way of death.

What Happened to Savvo and His family?

Past reports on the case indicate how the murderer, Darron Wint broke into the house of the millionaire, beat he and his wife up with a baseball bat and tied them up in a chair. He did not leave out the couple’s youngest and only son as he was brutally beaten in his room also. After doing all this, Wint set the millionaire’s home ablaze which caused their painful and untimely death in 2015.

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What Happened to Darron Wint?

Darron Wint, the murderer of millionaire, Savvas and his family stole money from the family after he tortured them to death. He was apprehended on May 20, 2015 and taken to court for trials. Throughout the seven weeks trials, Wint pleaded not guilty but every evidence pointed at him which made the court rule against him. As of 2023, he is in prison serving his life imprisonment without parole.

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Savvas Savopoulos’ Net Worth

Living in a $4.5 million mansion, Savvas was a very wealthy man who worked very hard to earn his money to provide for his family. Unfortunately, Savva’s net worth estimate is not available as of now.

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