Scores of matric learners now face resits, after DOE’s ‘exam paper blunder’


What a terrible own goal this could prove to be: Politicians in the Eastern Cape have been left furious with the Department of Education (DoE), after the matric exam paper sat by Accounting students on Monday ‘was rolled over from last year’.

Matric nightmare: Duplicate exam paper poses problems

The exam from the last school year was, in all likelihood, previously used as a ‘test paper’ for learners. As part of their learning materials, students go through the answers and questions on these tests, to prepare themselves for the real thing. However, if these matric pupils sit a paper they’ve already studied, it severely diminishes any academic merit.

Yusuf Cassim, the shadow MEC for Education in the Eastern Cape, now fears learners will have to resit this examination:

“It has come to our attention that the Accounting paper for the matric preliminary examinations that sat today, was exactly the same paper that learners wrote during the NSC matric final examinations at the end of last year. This exam will surely have to be rewritten – which will cause further unnecessary stress and anxiety for learners.” | Yusuf Cassim

DA seeking apology, investigation

Cassim has already written to his opposite number – and the serving MEC for Education in the Eastern Cape – Fundile Gade, to ask that this matter is fully investigated. He also wants the affected learners to receive a ‘full and forthright apology’ from educational authorities, saying that they now face ‘a very uncertain and stressful ordeal’

“Many learners would have utilized the exact same paper as practice for the preliminary examinations – so the competency of these learners cannot be tested properly. It will not serve the intended purpose and will taint the outcome of further education and training. A capable state would not put our learners and teachers through such an ordeal.”

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