Charles Nii Mensah is a singer and songwriter commonly known as Shatta Wale. He is the creator and CEO of Shatta Movement, a Ghana-based entertainment company, away from music. The biography of Shatta Wale is full of revivals. His biggest rebrand change his name to his present phase name from Bandana.

shatta wale
Shatta Wale biography

In the African dancehall genre, Shatta Wale boasts one of the most outstanding music catalogs. Shatta Wale has been unarguably skilled from his debut Moko Hoo record to his most recent participation on Beyoncé’s album. He is one of the richest artists in West Africa thanks to his coherence and his greater understanding of the Ghanaian music scene.

Bio summary of Shatta Wale

  • Name: Charles Nii Mensah
  • Stage name: Shatta Wale
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and actor
  • Date of Birth: 17 October 1985
  • Nationality: Ghanaian

Early life & education of Shatta Wale

Shatta was born to Ghanaian parents on 17 October 1985. Although his dad is a businessman, his early life was simple. In several interviews, however, it has revealed that as a child he has traveled a lot, in particular to Jamaica and the UK. What school was attended by Shatta Wale? For his high school, the artist attended Seven Great Princes Academy and Aguafo Secondary School subsequently. He learned he could compose music and sing during his high school days.

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Shatta Wale biography


While Shatta Wale belongs to a corporate and political family, he wants to keep his close family away from music. In his interviews both in Ghana and abroad, he regularly blushes personal questions.

Who’s the father of Shatta Wale?

The father of the musician is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Snr. He is a politician, an entrepreneur, and a lawyer. In earlier interviews, the musician admitted that his father enjoyed the music.

The admirer of Jamaican music is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Snr. Shatta Wale has successfully mastered the art of composing songs in this genre since he has grown up listening to dancehall and reggae.

Shatta Wale’s wife, until their break up in 2019, was Michelle Diamond. Shatta Wale has not spoken ever since of what happened between Michelle and him. On the other hand, Michelle talked about the musician’s relation and stated that Shatta Wale did not love her for her money or fame.

The musician has a son out of his relation to Michelle Diamond. He is known to be called Majesty in the public space.

Shatta Wale’s career

Shatta Wale is an artist with many talents. He’s also consistent. Shatta released more projects in the past two decades than any other Ghanaian current musician. He has made various milestones throughout his career, which lasts for two decades.

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The Ghanaian reggae dancehall atristes has five studio albums namely:

  • Foundation released in 2015 under SM 4 Lyf Records
  • Rasta Flex released in 2015 under SM 4 Lyf Records
  • After The Storm released in 2016 under the Shatta Movement Empire
  • Reign released in 2018 under Zylofon Music
  • Wonder Boy released in 2019 under Shatta Movement Empire

Between releases in the studio, he has also prepared three mixtapes. While Shatta Wale has shorter mixtapes than studio albums, more and more new musicians have come in. He featured more musicians and producers than other projects for example in his Magical Year Mixtape.

Shatta Wale


While individual projects are crucial to an artist, combined efforts allow followers from other genres to explore and gain. Shatta Wale’s last three years were the prime years, considering his cooperation with other composers of music in particular.

Shatta Wale has two main collaborations, which include:

  • Beyoncé already feature: it sounds different, as opposed to other Shatta Wale Songs. It was also a major song in the career of Shatta Wale, because owing to the Beyoncé statue in music it provided it a global exposure.
  • Hosanna with Burna Boy: While works with Nigerian acts are frequently played by musicians in Ghanaian, one of Shatta’s largest stories was with Burna Boy. The track is also one of Youtube’s most watched Shatta Wale tracks.

Career awards

How many international awards has Shatta Wale won? Shatta Wale has been awarded ten prizes. While the artist has claimed to have won more than 150 awards, the true figure is about 70. Here are some of his major awards over the past seven years

  • Ghana Music Awards for Artiste of the Year and Reggae/Dancehall Song of the Year (2014)
  • Ghana Music Awards UK for Most Popular Song and Reggae / Dancehall Artiste of the Year (2016)
  • African Entertainment Awards (US) for Best Dancehall Act (2018)
  • Ghana Music Awards UK for Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year and Popular Song of the Year (2019)
  • Vodafone Ghana Music Awards for Reggae Dancehall Song of the Year and Highlife Song of the Year (2019)
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Shatta Wale Net worth 2021

The net value of Shatta Wale is 6.2 million dollars. His value is primarily due to his properties and commercial activities in the entertainment sector – through Shatta Movement.


When was Shatta Wale born?

Shatta Wale was born on 17 October 1985 to Charles Nii Armah Mensah Snr.

What is shatta wale’s age?

Shatta wale age as of 2021 is 36

Who is shatta wale wife

Currently, the dancehall king isn’t married but has a son with his ex-girl Shatta michy.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy Who Has More Awards?

These are great Ghanaian musicians and from statistic its been received that Shatta Wale has more awards than Stonebwoy as he has over 50 awards whiles Stonebwoy has over 40 awards.

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