Shawn Faqua; Multi-Talented Nigerian Actor-Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Him

Shawn Faqua hit the screens in 2010 when he transitioned from Engineering to acting- perhaps after realizing how talented he is in imitating characters. He has continually thrilled us with his acting skills, gaining popularity and getting nominated for different awards.

The actor that has graced our screens in numerous movies- living in bondage breaking free, Lagos cougars, Three thieves, Nigerian prince, and several others. Here are some fun facts about Faqua, that people probably didn’t know.

Shawn Faqua is from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.

Shawn Faqua; Multi-Talented Nigerian Actor-Things You Probably Didn't Know About Him
Shawn Faqua Photo credit: Facebook.

Shawn Faqua is from Imo state in Nigeria. He is Igbo by tribe and his full name is Shawn Faqua Ibekwute.

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Faqua is an engineer.

Faqua initially set out to be an engineer. He studied Electrical engineering at the prestigious University of Portharcourt, Nigeria. He was side modeling in school and anchored several shows while in school. He obtained a certificate for acting from the Nollywood upgrade training in affiliation with the center for digital imaging Arts at Boston University in 2012.

Shawn Faqua Credit: Facebook

Faqua started acting fully in 2014,gaining worldwide acknowledgement in the same year.

He started his acting fully in 2014, featuring in various movies- Twin swords, Lagos cougars. In the same year, he got multiple award nominations for his role in Lagos Cougars- the Most promising actor by the Golden Icons academy award, Best supporting actor in a movie by the Nigerian entertainment award, Best young actor by the Africa Movie Academy Awards. The year 2014 was indeed one of Faqua’s best year’s shooting him into the limelight.

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His acting skills are way different from other actors.

Faqua is a method actor. While acting he immerses himself fully into the character he’s playing. He plays his roles remarkably, imitating several accents to perfection. In other words, he tries to become the character rather than imitating the character.

He keeps his personal life, personal.

Faqua’s personal life is perhaps one of the most kept secrets in Nollywood. Nothing is known of his age, except his birthday on 6th June. He keeps his relationship from the media-leaving us wondering who the special person in his life is.

Faqua loves Charities and has pioneered several charities of his own. Why won’t you just love this guy?

Is Shawn Faqua a Nigerian?

Shawn Faqua is from Imo state in Nigeria. He is Igbo by tribe and his full name is Shawn Faqua Ibekwute.

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