Shawn Paul Bertrand Cause of Death: How Did Shawn Wolfe Die?
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Shawn Paul Bertrand Cause of Death: How Did Shawn Wolfe Die? Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., popularly known as Shawn Wolfe, a gay adult film star, died at the age of 35. In a public post on his Facebook wall, a woman named Valerie Wellner claimed to be his mother. “I appreciate all of your kind words,” she continued. Shawn was a light in this world as well as a light in Heaven. They are joined by all of his departed friends and family members. We don’t know who he was with or where he was when he died, but he was at someone’s house.

Shawn Paul Bertrand Cause of Death

This is not a message of blame. Wolfe had also been residing at the Bailey-Boushay House, a medical facility for persons with chronic illnesses in Seattle, Washington, according to Wellner. It is unknown why Wolfe stayed there.

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Wellner indicated that whatever possessions were present had been recovered. “However, we are unaware where his clothing and other personal possessions are. All we want is for anyone who has knowledge on him to return it to his family.

Shawn Paul Bertrand Cause of Death: How Did Shawn Wolfe Die?

Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr., also known as S.P.B. Shawn Wolfe, a gay adult entertainer, reportedly died of a heroin overdose on December 27, 2022. He was 35 years old at the time. One statement that reveals Shawn Wolfe’s death

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December 27, 2022, we received the phone call that No Parent should ever have to receive. We are completely devastated at the overwhelming loss in our lives, in our families, and in our world. There are no words, just broken hearts and endless tears of sadness and grief. A beautiful, kind soul who was our Son and a brother, uncle, nephew cousin, and Grandson. He was an accomplished swimmer, and a lover of photography, animals, and everything in Nature. There is so much to say and it’s too emotionally brutal to describe adequately today. We will love you forever my Son, and will never get over missing you We love you Shawn Paul Bertrand Jr. His Father, Shawn Sr., his wife Betty, his siblings, his Aunties, Uncles, cousins Papa, stepdad Eric Royster, and his family You are a brilliant light in Heaven

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