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Shylah Rodden: Rollercoaster victim wakes up after two months in a coma


Shylah Rodden a woman who was in a coma after being hit by a rollercoaster at full speed has awoken two months later.

Shylah Rodden, 26, suffered brain damage and other injuries after being hit by the Rebel Coaster on September 25 at the Royal Melbourne Show.

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According to local reports, she was hit by the 43mph coaster while attempting to retrieve her phone, which had fallen beneath the tracks.

Eyewitnesses said she was launched nine metres (29 feet) into the air before crashing to the ground. She was placed in a medically induced coma after suffering “brain damage” and “horrific injuries” to her pelvis, arms, legs, back, and neck. Shylah awoke on Wednesday and is now in a stable condition, according to the hospital.

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