Slick Goku (Reggie Groover) Cause of Death, Biography, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Family
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Slick Goku (Reggie Groover) Cause of Death, Biography, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Family. Slick Goku aka Reggie Groover, a popular American Youtuber, died on Friday, January 20, 2023.

Slick Goku (Reggie Groover) Cause of Death

Reggie Groover died, sadly, on Friday, January 20, 2023, surrounded by his family. His abrupt death has shocked all of his fans, and the entire community is mourning the loss of this amazing YouTuber.

His death was announced on the social media network, and when people learned of his tragic death, they began paying him honor and expressing their emotions on the platform.

Devil Artemis Animation announced So I’ve got permission from his family to post this, But with great sadness, I announce that our close friend Reggie @SlickGoku2GS is no longer with us. Please consider helping the family. Thank you, Reggie. we love you, man.

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Slick Goku (Reggie Groover) Cause of Death

“Gofundme” fundraiser has been organized

My name is Janice and I’m writing this on behalf of my son, Reggie Groover.

Reggie passed away with family around him and we are asking for Donations to assist with the Funeral cost.

Reggie had a creative soul. He created his own YouTube Community and worked diligently to create his own videos. Anywhere Reggie would go he would make friends. Reggie was the kind of man that would support those he cared about. He is a dependable man who is dedicated to improving himself. Slick enjoyed living life to the fullest. He loved running, swimming, and skateboarding.

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Reggie loved juice and would have juice every single day. He learned a lot of life lessons from his grandfather when they would go fishing together.

Reggie loved his dog, Smokey. Reggie would get jealous when Smokey would come to me instead of him.

One of the few people that Reggie touched is JB Coleman. Here is a quick passage from him: Reggie was a one-of-a-kind person he was the best friend you could ever ask for. He was my best friend, we had known each other for only 7 years but honestly, it felt more like a lifetime.

I wanted to let you and your family know Reggie was loved by many people and had many fans across the world who he brought joy I worked with him for many years and I saw people’s faces light up when they would meet him he brought light to this dark world and everyone will feel the loss.

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I want to thank everyone that reached out to say something nice about Reggie. It means far more than anyone will ever know. Reggie affected each and every person he came in contact with.

Any donations that are sent are greatly appreciated.”

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