Sonali Phogat a very famous tiktok personality has passed away. She was also an Indianactress and politician.

Sonali Phogat death occurred on Tuesday 23rd August 2022. The tiktok star was 42 years old when she died.

The cause of her death is said to be a heart attack. She died in Goa leaving behind her sweet daughter Yashodhra Phogat.

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Aside acting and known as a tiktok star Sonali Phogat was the National Vice President of BJP’s Mahila Morcha.

Sonali Phogat Children

Did Sonali Phogat have kids? Sonali Phogat had a daughter called Yashodhra Phogat who was born on 7th August 2006.

Yashodhra Phogat age in 2022 is 16 years. She is currently left alone in the world because she lost her dad in 2016 and now too her mother is no more.

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Sonali Phogat Husband

Who was Sonali Phogat husband? Indian actress Sonali Phogat was married to Sanjay Phogat. Sanjay Phogat was the father of Yashodhra Phogat. Sonali Phogat Husband died in 2016 at his farmhouse in Hisar.


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