Steve buscemi son biography: Net Worth, Career, Movies, Age


Who is Steve Buscemi son? Steve Buscemi son is known as Lucian Buscemi, American actor and musician. His father, Steve Buscemi, is an American actor, writer, and director.

Lucian Buscemi profile summary

Name: Lucian Buscemi

Date of birth: 30th June 1990

Age: 31years old

Gender: Male

Place of birth: New York

Nationality: American

Profession: Singer, Actor

Net worth: $5million

Father: Steve Buscemi

Mother: Jo Andres

Siblings: None

Marital status: Single

Lucian Buscemi was born on 30th June , 1990 to Steve and Joanne in New York City. His mother went to school for acting while his father studied photography. The two met at the Actors Studio in New York City where they both studied before becoming actors themselves.


At a young age of 15, Buscemi together with two of his friends, Jonathan and Julian Holmes formed a band known as Fiasco. The band specializes in many genres that include heavy rock punk, noise rock, and even math rock.

The Lucian’s band fiasco released their debut album called God Loves Fiasco in 2007. The album had a total of 23 songs. This includes songs like Hot House, Fed Up, Stop That, Sir Gentlemen, and more.

After this debut, Lucian and his bandmates went on to record their other albums that include Native Canadians, Fabulous Bozo FP, Sinus Rhythm, and more.

The band took a brief time off in 2012 and Lucian shifted to Hollywood. Since then Lucian has acted in a number of different films such as The Sopranos, In The Loop, Death Wish II, Tree Lounges, Sal, Ghost World and Down by Law among others. He has also directed a few.

Steve buscemi son Net Worth 2021

Steve Buscemi son Lucian Buscemi Net Worth is $5 million. His source of income is from his acting career, music career, tours, and brand deals.

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