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Stray Kids, a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017, brought together members who had survived the same-named television reality show. Stray Kids, who are influenced by Drake, Bruno Mars, Big Bang, GOT7, and Block B, perform a propulsive blend of big-bass electronic dance music, aggressive rapping, and R&B-inspired vocals, released their debut EP, Mixtape, in 2018, which propelled them to the top of the Korean charts for the rest of the decade with subsequent releases Clé 1: MIROH and Clé: LEVANTER. With GO LIVE and its repackaged version IN LIFE, they achieved a pair of number ones in 2020 as their efforts climbed the charts around the world.

Bang Chan and Felix are Korean-Australians, and Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Seungmin, and I.N. are South Koreans. After winning JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids survival program in 2017, the band was formed, and the pre-debut EP Mixtape was released early the following year. The album, which included the hit “Hellevator,” reached number two on both the Korean and Billboard World Albums charts. I am NOT, their sophomore EP, was released in conjunction with their live performance debut a few months later.

With each subsequent EP, I am WHO and I am YOU pushed them further up the rankings. Clé 1: MIROH, Clé 2: Yellow Wood, and Clé: LEVANTER are the latest EPs to be released in 2019. Stray Kids released GO LIVE in the summer of 2020, topping the Korean charts and landing at number three on the Heatseekers chart in the United States, as well as charting in Europe and Japan. IN LIFE, a repackaged version of the album, outsold its predecessor and gave the band their second number two song on the US World chart with “Back Door.”

Stray Kids – Artist Details


2010s – 2021s


2017 in Seoul, South Korea




K-PopAsian PopPop-Rap

Group Members

Lee Know, Changbin, Han, Hyunjin, I.N, Seo Chang-bin, Seungmin, Woojin

stray kids

List of songs by Stray Kids

Pre-debut : Mixtape

  • Hellevator *title
  • Grr
  • Spread My Wings
  • Glow
  • School Life
  • 4419

Debut : I Am NOT

  • NOT!
  • District 9 *title
  • Mirror
  • Awaken
  • Rock
  • Grow Up
  • 3rd Eye
  • Mixtape #1


  • WHO?
  • My Pace *title
  • Voices
  • Question
  • Insomnia
  • M.I.A
  • Awkward Silence
  • Mixtape #2


  • YOU
  • I am YOU *title
  • My Side
  • Hero’s Soup
  • Get Cool
  • N/S
  • 0325
  • Mixtape #3

Clé 1: Miroh

  • Entrance
  • Miroh *title
  • Victory Song
  • Maze of Memories
  • Boxer
  • Chronosaurus
  • 19
  • Mixtape #4

Clé 2: Yellow Wood

  • Road Not Taken
  • Side Effects *title
  • TMT

Double Knot

  • Double Knot *title

Clé: Levanter

  • Stop
  • Double Knot
  • Levanter *title
  • Booster
  • Astronaut
  • Sunshine
  • You Can Stay
  • Mixtape #5

Mixtape: Gone Days

  • Mixtape: Gone Days *title

Step out of Clé

  • Levanter (English Ver)
  • Double Knot (English Ver)


  • (Repackage Album)

Mixtape: On Track

  • Mixtape: On Track *title


  • TOP

TOP (Eng Ver)

  • (English Versions of above)

TOP (jap Ver)

  • (Japanese versions of above)


  • GO生
  • God’s Menu *title
  • Easy
  • Peacemaker
  • Airplane
  • Another Day
  • Phobia
  • Blueprint
  • TA
  • Haven
  • TOP
  • Slump

In Life

  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • Back Door *title
  • B Me
  • Any
  • Ex
  • We Go
  • Wow
  • My Universe

Mixtape: Oh

  • Mixtape: Oh *title


  • Cheese
  • Thunderous *title
  • Domino
  • The View
  • Sorry I Love You
  • Silent Cry
  • Secret Secret
  • Star Lost
  • Red Lights
  • Surfin’
  • Gone Away
  • Wolfgang



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