Summer Wells Update Today 2022: Summer Wells Found?

Summer Wells Update Today 2022: Summer Wells Found?

Summer Wells is a young woman who lives in Tennessee with her parents, Candus Bly and Don Wells. Since June 20, 2021, Summer Wells has been missing, leaving her parents distraught and the subject of intense investigation.

Summer Wells was only five years old at the time, and her current whereabouts are unknown. Summer Wells was reported abducted from her home at 110 Ben Hill Road in Hawkins County, Tennessee, by her parents.

Summer Wells Found 2022?

No, she has not yet been discovered. People are collecting and disseminating false information about Summer Wells’ disappearance, according to TBI news.

The family was not cooperating the last time Rooney Lawson began, but there has been a change, according to the TBI.

When YouTubers visited the Horse stables, an employee specifically stated that Summer was there on the day she went missing, at the location of the truck she left alive.

Summer Wells Update Today 2022

Youtuber Jonathan Lee, who has maintained a keen interest in the search for Summer Wells, recently revealed that Chris Mcdonough, also known as Tim Mullen, has interjected himself as Don Wells’ mouthpiece for the bogus Fake Letter that was released by Don Wells.

We know where Her body is!!! Sherry Allyson and grandma talks about hunter

I Know Summer was abducted – Don Tells His Side of the story

Summer Wells “Don Took Her Away” Talks To Candus & Grandus – Can We Believe it Or Is She A Scammer?

Summer Wells’ grandmother speaks on camera for the first time.

Candus Harer, Summer Wells’ grandmother, speaks out for the first time about Sherrif’s claims that the Summer Wells family is not cooperating with the search.

Candus Harer claims that law enforcement and the TBI have her phone number but have yet to reach her.

Summer’s grandmother was with her the entire day she vanished on June 15th.

Candus, Summer’s grandmother, claims that she and Summer were outside her camper repotting cactus plants. She said

Summer had a piece of peppermint which is her favorite, and then she says mama i want to go play with the boys, and her mother Candy walked back into the house , she asked the boys to keep an eye of her and that was the last time i saw her her.

She goes on to criticize those who spread false and malicious information about her granddaughter.

Candus Forgets Summer – The Biggest Red Flag so far in Summer Wells Case

Candus Bly Wells is the mother of Summer Wells, a 5-year-old girl who has gone missing.

Recently Candus Appeared on a number of interviews and when asked her biggest priority it wasn’t the poor missing girl and Netizens are furious she made herself, and her grandma a priority than SUMMER WELL.

Just before the end of the interview the Host , Don asked if she has a burning desire, affirmations or something to say before they they close the Show, Candus replied her burning desire is to get her house done and her sons back home.

After a long pause, she remarked that she hoped Summer will return home too; Summer was her third burning desire, implying that Summer is not a priority because she may be aware that her Daughter is already dead and that she may never return.

Candus’s comment regarding her daughter raised a red flag because many believe she knows her kid is already dead. Others believe she has forgotten her daughter quickly because she was her top priority

Summer Wells Father Don Wells Convicted and Serving a Jail Term

Summer WELLS Father Don Wells, who is already serving an 11-month-and-29-day prison sentence, wrote a poignant statement and asked that it be released once his sentence was passed. According to reports, he began writing the testimony on January 15th and finished it on February 6th.
See Don Wells Testimony below:

Meanwhile a billboard with Summer Wells Picture has been erected at Greeneville, Tennessee to help find Summer.

Thank you, Greeneville, TN, for the billboard that assisted Summer.
Thank you for remembering our daughter, Summer Moon-Utah Wells.
Summer Wells Update: Father jailed 11 months for driving under the influence.
Summer Wells’ father, Don Wells has been jailed 11 months for driving under the influence.

Don Wells, whose six-year-old daughter has been missing since June, pleaded guilty to the October DUI in Hawkins County General Sessions Court on Monday.

A toxicology screen from the night of his arrest revealed no evidence of drug use, but he did have a 0.13 blood alcohol percentage, which was higher than the 0.08 intoxication limit.

The state dropped all other charges stemming from Wells’ first DUI arrest on October 30.

Wells stated that after an argument with his wife Candus Bly on the night in question, he ‘wanted to get away.’

‘That’s what feet are for,’ said General Sessions Judge Todd Ross.

Wells is now required to serve the remainder of his 11-month and 29-day sentence at the Hawkins County Jail.

Wells stated in court that this was his first DUI, and the judge agreed with him. The mandatory minimum sentence for that offense is 48 hours in jail, 88 hours of community service, a one-year license suspension, and a $350 fine.

However, because Wells’ arrest was a violation of his probation for a previous possession of a handgun while intoxicated charge, he must serve the remaining 11 months and 29 days of his sentence at the Hawkins County Jail. That afternoon, Wells was taken directly from the Hawkins County Courthouse to the Hawkins County Jail.

If he completes an alcohol rehabilitation program, he will be eligible for probation after 180 days.

‘Thank you to everyone for all positive support,’ Wells said in a note to News Channel 11. It’s been extremely difficult.’

He also stated that he and Bly are enrolled in classes in order to reclaim custody of their three other children, and that he was working a full-time job at the time of his arrest.

Summer Wells’ parents Celebrated her Sixth birthday on YouTube by releasing a heartbreaking video on her sixth birthday as police continue to investigate her mysterious disappearance.

Summer’s family released the video, along with an official statement, on YouTube at midnight on February 4 to commemorate her birthday, which falls seven months after she went missing.

“Today is a difficult day for us,” her parents said in a statement to The Sun. “With all of our hearts, we miss our Summer.”

“Thank you to everyone who assisted us in reuniting our family and locating our daughter, Summer Moon-Utah Wells.”

The video includes images of other children who have gone missing in the United States, as well as audio of someone reciting a long prayer.

“Every family misses and longs for them,” the prayer begins.

“Thank you for being the heartbeat behind everyone who is out here volunteering their time to bring these children home.”

The video concludes with a close-up of a drawing of the Wells family.
To honor the girl, the family released balloons. Credit: Don Wells Family/YouTube

“Dear Father God, Please Rescue, Redeem, and Restore,” reads the top of the illustration.

The video was released on Friday, just weeks after the Wells family shared photos of what Summer might look like in disguise as the search for their daughter continues.

Summer’s edited photos in various hairstyles and colors were featured in a December 6 YouTube video titled “Could Summer Be Disguised?”

The video starts with a short clip of Summer and then transitions to still images of her with 18 different haircuts.

“If someone is disguising Summer, this is how she might look,” the caption reads.

The video was posted on the Find Summer Wells website, encouraging people to look for the young girl’s smile.

Update: Missing Summer Wells Reward fund grows up to $73k until June 15th 2022

Summer Wells reward fund which was established to encourage information leading to the discovery of the 5-year-old child from East Tennessee is now $73,705.90. The amount comes from two significant donations, one of $25,000 and the other of $10,000, according to the rescue squad. The remaining $38,705.90 was raised through various gifts made to the agency.

The reward fund has also been extended to June 15, 2022, the one-year anniversary of the girl’s disappearance from her home on Ben Hill Road. The agency also addressed rumors that are said to be going around.

“Also, to address the reports that have been circulating that these funds come back to the Church Hill Rescue Squad after the conclusion of the reward fund time, these are merely rumors and are not real or believable regardless of where they have originated,” the agency said. “Church Hill Rescue Squad will not get any of these cash or profit from the Summer Wells reward initiative.”

According to a spokeswoman, the extension is intended to generate more tips or leads in the investigation. According to the update, the monies would be distributed to someone who produces reliable leads/tips or to the Child Advocacy Center.

Church Hill Rescue Squad stated that they are continuing to collaborate with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office and other local, state, and federal agencies in the Summer Wells investigation.

If you would want to donate, you can do so at any Civis Bank branch in Rogersville or Sneedville. Checks can also be mailed to P.O. Box 704, Church Hill, TN 37642. The TBI is still encouraging people to share any reliable information they may have about the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Summer Wells’ disappearance takes a different turn as her mother calls policemen on her father amid a heated altercation. In a startling new twist, the mother of the missing five-year-old kid called the cops on her partner after a violent altercation. SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING….

The Discovery Team went in search for Summer Wells,her human remains were found,” but there’s nothing new in the investigation. Summer Wells is still missing, and the trend stems from human remains being found in Tennessee that may not even be a child.

There isn’t much information available about the human remains found in Tennessee. However, the gender and age of the remains aren’t even clear. Thus, there’s no evidence at this point that the remains are Summer Wells.

According to WHNT, the human remains were found off of the Andrew Johnson Highway in Knox County.

The Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed they were human but the “age, gender or time of death have not yet been determined.”

The family’s website has no updates. The family’s most recent update on Twitter reads, “Thank You Everyone who is helping us restore our Family and find our Daughter Summer Moon-Utah Wells. Love and Prayers, DonCandus.”

Candus Bly contacts 911 to report Don Wells’ assault.

Summer Wells’ disappearance takes a different turn as her mother calls policemen on her father amid a heated altercation. In a startling new twist, the mother of a missing five-year-old kid called the cops on her partner after a violent altercation.

As the search for their daughter Summer Wells after seventh month, Bly Wells reportedly accused her husband of physical violence last week.

According to a Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office report, the mother called 911 to the Wells house last Wednesday after being told of a domestic incident.

Dispatchers reported hearing arguments in the background while officers were on their way before the line went dead.

When they arrived, Bly accused her husband, Donald Wells, of pushing her against a wall and grabbing her by the throat.
The mother also stated that she thought she broke her left thumb during the alleged assault.
Donald reportedly told police that the two had been drinking all night but denied ever harming his wife.
However, Officers did not see any marks on Bly’s neck indicating that his hand had been used to put her shoe on, according to the report.

The police chose not to charge the couple.

The newest incident occurs seven months after their daughter Summer went stolen from their Tennessee home on June 15.

The case has been clouded in mystery, with authorities confirming that the circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain unknown.

Multiple law enforcement agencies became interested in the investigation in November, and a $25,000 reward was offered for information on her location.

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