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How to prepare delicious egg stew

Why egg stew?It is a popular stew mostly prepared by a number of people in Ghana.  In this world most people love egg stew because it goes will a lot of dishes such as yam, plantain, rice , spaghetti and bank. As for me this is one of my favourite and i mostly prepare it during weekends

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5 Unhealthy Practices After Eating

Unhealthy practices after eating

Has it occurred to you that some common things we do after eating could eventually affect your general health ? Well, you probably are a victim of these habits but worry not, we all have been victims of ignorance. Now, let’s get enlightened here. Below are five things you should never do after taking your meal:

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A Travelers Guide to Ghana, 2019

A travelers guide to Ghana

As one of the safest countries in Africa as well as being a pan-African and international hub, Ghana is an ideal candidate for the solo traveler. An open, friendly place where people are always willing to guide tourists along, the opportunities for meeting fellow travelers and locals are numerous and easy.

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