Tana Adelana Biography, Children, Age, Networth, Husband, Father

Christiana Nkemdilim Adelana is a Nigerian actress, producer, model, and entrepreneur who goes by the stage name Tana Adelana. Tana Adelana is her most well-known stage name.

She won first place in the CITY People’s Movie Awarin ds 201 category for Best Supporting Actress. She was named Air Personality of the Year (TV) at the Future Awards in 2011.

Tana Adelana also won the award at the Grind Awards in 2005. Her ancestors are Igbo, and the name Egbo has been passed down through her family.

Tana Adelana Biography, Children, Age, Networth, Husband, Father

Tana Adelana Biography

Tana Adelana was born on 24th December 1984 into a Catholic royal family known for its tradition. In a family of ten children, she is the tenth and final child.

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She attended Treasure Land Nursery and Primary School in Surulere for her primary education and St. Francis Catholic Secondary School in Idimu, Lagos for her secondary education.

She was born in Nara Unateze, which is part of Enugu State’s Nkanu East Local Government Area. The father had died, and she was taken aback by what happened during the burial service.

Tana earned a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from the Nigeria’s University of Lagos. She spent four years there studying.

Following that, she received a diploma certificate in makeup and style from a makeup artist school in London (South African campus).

She then received a special executive master’s certificate in Leadership and Management from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management in the United Kingdom. This was following her previous attendance at that institution.

Tana Adelana Husband

Who is the husband of Tana Adelana? Tana Adelana is married to Femi Adelana, a man she had been seeing for a long time. The couple has been married for 14 years, and they married on September 11, 2007. The couple currently has two children.

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The actress acknowledged that she had no foolproof system for finding the right man for marriage, but she did manage to marry a decent man who adores her wholeheartedly. She is well-known for being able to keep her family out of the spotlight, and over the years, she has been successful in avoiding any scandals involving her marriage.

Tana Adelana

How many children does Tana Adelana have? According to sources, Tana Adelana is a happy mother of two children as of the time this article was written (November 2022). Because she does not provide information about her children to the media, very little is known about them. Her daughter was born on October 25th, 2009, according to sources.

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Which state is Tana Adelana from?

Tana Adelana is From Enugu But Grew Up in Lagos State, Nigeria. Given the Yoruba name she bears with an Igbo name, many of her fans do not know which tribe she is from. However, Tana was born on 24th December 1984 into an Igbo royal family, with the family’s name as Egbo

Who is Tana Adelana father?

Igwe Patrick Okoro-Egbo is the father of actress Tana Adelana

How old is Tana Adelana?

Tana Adelana was born on 24th December 1984. She is 37 years old

Who is Tana Adelana married to?

Tana Adelana is married to Femi Adelana

Is Tana Adelana married with kids?

Tana Adelana is a happy mother of two children


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