Tebi SK Trading Introduces Acrylic, Putty Filler Paints
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 Young business tycoon and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tsk Records And Multimedia, Tebi Stephen Kwadwo popularly known as TSK has again introduced new paints namely Tbi Acrylic and Tebi Putty Filler into the Ghanaian market.

The new addition which falls under his business name Tebi SK Trading comes after earlier product – Tebi Graphiato, both for interior and exterior wall for its protection from cracks, fungus, among others was highly patronized and accepted by large number of the Ghanaian populace.

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Speaking in an interview, Mr. Tebi said his new products has some high quality and comes in a high spearheaded format than the usual ones sold by other people.

“Tebi Putty Filler is used before painting to make the wall smooth and make the surface much harder, and it helps to get rid of any uneven surface. It also helps in filling the tiny space and gaps in the wall so that the painting product can be applied evenly and gives a dilating look to the wall.

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“Tebi Emulsion paints are less toxic than oil-based paints and have less volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and also cause fewer problems such as skin irritations. It is non-inflammable and hence safe for your health. It doesn’t dry, crack or fade in the sunlight” he added.

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