Tenant leaves behind 5,000 beer cans filled with Urine for his landlord who failed to fix his bathroom


A tenant has done the unthinkable in the United Kingdom with his action of filling beer cans with Urine in a three bedroom apartment he rented.

Haulage workers really had their work cut out for them after discovering a sea of beer cans filled with urine inside a three bedroom house.

Around 5,000 beer cans were littered all over every room of the home and had even been stuffed inside the cupboards in Hebburn in the UK.

Hebburn is a town on the south bank of the River Tyne in North East England situated between the towns of Jarrow and Gateshead and to the south of Walker in England.

As if filling the whole house with urine is not enough, dozens of Discarded cigarette packets and pizza boxes were also kept in huge numbers in the house.

In fact, he really messed up the whole house before moving out.

The tenant is believed to have started using beer cans as his urinal after his toilet stopped working, but it is not known if he asked his landlord for help.

It was after his exit from the house a cleaning company which were hired to clean the place for a new tenant to move in discovered the whole house is filled with urine and Khmer garbage. 

Company director for Gold Star haulage the cleaning company hired to clean the place whose name is Johnathon Caisley said: ‘We got a briefing of what was there, but it was nothing like what we expected.

‘All the beer cans were filled with urine. The tenant broke his toilet for God knows how long and filled every can in the house.

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