Terry waya: Biography, net worth

Terry Waya is a London-based business tycoon who became very popular in Nigeria after his son, Kiddwaya participated in the famous Big Brother Naija Season 5 Edition.

To know more about Terry Waya don’t go anywhere for this article you reading is about Terry Waya biography, net worth and many more.

Terry Waya Profile

Full Name: Terry Waya

Birth Place: Benue State

Date of Birth: 3rd, May 1961

Age: 60 years

Nationality: Nigerian (Benue)

Occupation: Businessman

Marital Status: Edo Udoh

Terry Waya Net worth: $865 Million

Terry Waya was born on 3rd May 1961 in Benue State. He had his tertiary education in Kaduna Polytechnic after which he moved on to build his own company, Transcorp Hilton in 1992. The company had assets in different sectors including real estate, hospitality, oil, and gas.

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Although much is not known about the private life of Terry Waya, we sure know a few things about him. He is currently married to Edo Udoh who was actually the former wife of the popular businessman “Bisi Olafisoye.” According to known sources, her marriage terminated with her former husband, ‘Bisi Olafisoye’ over some irreconcilable differences.

Later she moved on with her life and the charming Terry Waya took her as his wife and so their love affair blossomed. She is from the South-South part of Nigeria and a society woman.

Terry Waya Net Worth

Terry Waya has a net worth estimated to be over $360 million. Despite being from Benue State, Terry Waya used to live and carry out business activities in Kaduna State.

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According to the business mogul;

“From Kaduna, I moved to Abuja. My life changed at a point during my relationship with soldiers. It was the time when Babangida was in power. I was still a small boy but all the soldiers were my friend. We partied and did many things together. I did business with them and it was from there my breakthrough came.”

“That Banana Island was given to me. Not many people know that I discovered that Banana Island. I brought Chagoury to do the project. Nobody knew that there was a Banana Island there.”

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