Text Messages For Money
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In certain instances, asking for money is a little bit difficult, especially doing it through text messages. Also, we sometimes have no option than to make use of text messages. However, in this article,we have compiled some text messages for money.

Below are some of the text messages for money;

  • You are the only one I know in town. Hope you could loan me a 100 Ghana Cedis . I will give it back next two weeks when I get paid for the month. It would really mean a lot. Thanks!
Text Messages For Money
Text Messages For Money
  • I’m really short on cash right now. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important, hope you can help me out.
  • I know now it is not really a good time to ask but I really need your help friend. Could you loan me a some Cedis? Just to tide through the weekend. Thanks! let me know if you can:)
  • I don’t really bother you with this, but I have no choices. I haven’t been eating or sleeping, my job hasn’t paid out. Hope you could help me. Thanks!
  • Hope you could bail me out on this, I have hit a rough patch. Hoping to bounce back real soon, can you do me a favor and lend me 50 Ghana Cedis? I will pay up real quick, I promise. Thanks!
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Text Messages For Money
  • My checks haven’t cleared yet, hope you could loan me some money. I’m really in a tight spot. Thanks!

How Do You Ask For Money By Text Message?

Do you wish to ask for money? Below is a list of some straightforward steps to ask for money via text;

  • Be upfront about why you are asking.
  • Specify how much money you need.
  • Tell them when you need the money.
  • Suggest how to send you the money.
  • Note when you will pay them back.
  • Put it in writing if you are asking for a large sum.
  • Drop some hints first if they owe you some money.
  • Be calm and direct if you need to be paid immediately.
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Text Messages For Money
Text Messages For Money

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