'The Challenge' Star Johnny Bananas Says Tyson Apostol Can't Beat Him
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Tyson Apostol, a former “Survivor” player and participant in “The Challenge: USA,” believes he can compete with the show’s original cast members, but Johnny Bananas believes Apostol is illiterate.

Tyson’s assertions don’t hold up in Johnny’s opinion, and the reality star is a little too new to the series to be yapping his lips, according to our interview with Johnny in New York on Tuesday. Simply said, Johnny doesn’t believe that TA is prepared to compete against the big boys.

To those comparing me to those on the “OG” challenge… A lot of them can bench press more than me but 70-80 even 90% of the game I have them crushed. Talking cake walk.

— Tyson Apostol (@TysonApostol) July 22, 2022

Tyson has been a star participant on the CBS spinoff, but last month he called out the majority of the cast on Twitter, claiming the face-off would be a piece of cake.

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Similar to MTV’s “The Challenge,” which is wrapping up its inaugural season, “The Challenge: USA” — wrapping its first season — takes recognizable faces from “Big Brother,” “Survivor” and other CBS shows and pits them against each other, just like MTV’s does.

However, Johnny refers to the CBS series as the “Walmart version” and has very specific suggestions for how they may improve. Johnny did add he’s delighted the show aired on another network because he thinks it’ll draw attention back to MTV’s series. Hint: He is involved.

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