The Future of Humanoid Robots
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Robots with human like forms, referred to as humanoid robots, are clearly here to stay. They have already made their mark across various spheres of life. With each passing day, they are having an increasing presence in our lives.

As we delve into the future, it is quite clear that the future of humanoid robots is extremely bright.

The Future of Humanoid Robots
The Future of Humanoid Robots

Industrial robots

Industrial robots have already been around for a while now. Take any advanced manufacturing process, making cars for example, you will invariably find industrial robots at work.

Such applications of humanoid robots are only likely to increase incrementally going forward. Humans are likely to continually explore opportunities where fellow humans can be replaced or complemented by industrial humanoid robots. 

Service industry

The biggest progressive development on this front is likely to come in the service industry. Where humans would provide an array of varied services, they will increasingly find themselves being replaced by humanoid robots. An apt example would be air hostesses and other allied staff on airplanes. The future might very well see them replaced by humanoid robots.

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Similarly, when it comes to the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) segment, where speed and efficiency are of the essence, deployment of humanoid robots could become commonplace in times to come. Already, we see niche restaurants in countries like Japan, South Korea, and others, where robots take and deliver orders to customers. Such a phenomenon is likely to become more mainstream going forward.

Will these humanoid robots also be able to cook up meals for customers as per their preferences? That only time will tell!

Human companions

Humanoid robots are increasingly serving as companions for humans. As their designs and functionalities continue to evolve, the overall persona of these robots is increasingly becoming human like. As a result, their deployment as human companions continue to be mainstream.

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Consider love dolls as a great example. There was a time, in their initial days, when they barely had any human characteristics. The love dolls of today though have taken on unparalleled human hues. Their physical appearance is exactly like real humans. They’re also capable of performing tasks in the same way fellow humans would. Specifically, we note the lovemaking experience with the love dolls of today to mirror that with a real human. 

When we add on additional functionalities in these love dolls such as the ability to talk back, make love moans (or other such sounds), as well as emit body heat, there is practically no difference left with real humans.

So, what lies ahead in the future?

We believe that the difference lies in performing analytical tasks which many of today’s robots are unable to perform. Going forward, this is likely to change. Humanoid robots of the future are likely to be programmed and designed in a manner that they can execute advanced operations where analytics are key.

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Consider the Tesla bot or Chat GTP which are taking the world by storm at the time of writing this piece. Going forward, we are likely to witness many more such advanced humanoid robots capable of suitably modifying their actions and responses as per the situation.

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