This Is Why Most People Think Actors Are Rich - Lizzy Gold
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Lizzy Gold, a Nollywood actress and film producer, shared an image of her Google account’s net worth rising from $400,000 to $500,000.

She is one of the richest and most powerful actresses in the film industry, with a net worth on Google that indicates she is over $400,000 affluent, according to a screenshot the actress uploaded.

Actress Lizzy Gold’s complaint comes after the abductors of actors Clemson Cornel and Cynthia Okereke, who were kidnapped while returning from a set, wanted a hefty $100,000 as ransom for their release.

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Sharing the screenshot, she lambasted those behind the google biographies of celebrities. She stated that the person behind the lies must be arrested. In her words…”This is one of the reasons actors are been kidnapped ..they think we are so rich …I need to arrest the person behind these lies…

I am working hard to be wealthy but am currently not close to any of that amount mentioned there… I nor get money ooo I be hustler ooo …I Dey even find who go dash me money …pls do not believe anything you read on the internet…”.

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