Thomas Ulsrud Wife: Meet Elin Grodal The Beautiful Wife Of Thomas Ulsrud

Thomas Ulsrud Wife

The death of Thomas Ulsrud has left many people asking who was Thomas Ulsrud wife. No need to search again for this post is all about the sweet and supportive wife of the Norwegian curler.

On Tuesday 24th may 2022, the news of Norwegian curler, Thomas hit the internet. This news broke many fans’ hearts and many are sending their condolences to the family.

Thomas Ulsrud death was at the age of 50 years. He is believed to have died of cancer. He was famous for winning a silver at the 2010 Vancouver Games. Aside from that, he is known as a three-time Olympian with a net worth of $1.5 million.

Thomas Ulsrud Wife

Who is Thomas Ulsrud wife? Who is Elin Grodal? Before Thomas Ulsrud demise, he was married to a sweet woman called Elin Grodal. Elin Ulsrud and Thomas Ulsrud have been together for 20 years now and have a son together. The name of their son is Jesper Ulsrud.

What was Thomas Ulsrud cause of death?

Thomas Ulsrud’s cause of death was Cancer. Thomas Ulsrud according to the report has been fighting cancer since December 2020.

What is Thomas Murphy cause of death?

Thomas S. Murphy died at age 96 at his home in Rye, New York on 25th May 2022. His death was announced by Patricia J. Matson, a former senior vice president of communications at Capital Cities and a spokeswoman for Mr. Murphy. There is no news concerning Thomas Murphy cause of death.

What illness did Thomas Ulsrud have?

The illness Thomas Ulsrud was fighting cancer since December 2020.

Does Thomas Ulsrud still curl?

No, he has died. He died at his house in Rye in Westchester County. Thomas Murphy was 50 years when he kicked the bucket.

How old was Thomas Ulsrud?

Thomas Ulsrud was 50 years old

Did Thomas Ulsrud retire?

Thomas Ulsrud’s Norwegian Team Is Disbanding After 12 Years Of Curling, 10 Years Of Outrageous Pants. The curling team with the pants. That’s all you have to say. The imagery is instant: four grown Scandinavian men and their provocative trousers.


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