Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children

Tony Ferguson is a famous American Professional Mixed Martial Artist well-known for his eccentric fighting style and holds the most consecutive lightweight wins with twelve straight victories in the UFC Lightweight Championship. He began his professional mixed martial career in 2017 and is contemporarily competing in the Lightweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He holds several records most notable, winning the former Interim UFC Lightweight Championship and winning The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 in 2017. Tony Ferguson is currently ranked no. 15 under the UFC Lightweight Championship Rankings at the time of this publication and is considered one of the toughest fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Tony Ferguson has made headlines once again, following his defeat to Nate Diaz at the UFC 279.

In this article, find out more information on Tony Ferguson as we delve to share more interesting insight about his biography, career, infamily, wife, net worth and his social media influence.

Tony Ferguson’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Anthony Armand Ferguson Padilla
  • Date of birth: 12th February 1984
  • Place of birth: Oxnard, California
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Tony Ferguson’s nationality: Mexican-American
  • Ethnicity: Mixed-race
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Tony Ferguson Parents: Armand Ferguson and Mary Ferguson
  • Wife: Cristina Ferguson
  • Children: Armand Anthony
  • Profession: Mixed martial artist
  • Net worth: $3 million

Tony Ferguson Biography and Early Life

Anthony Armand Ferguson Padilla well-known as Tony Ferguson is an American Professional Mixed Martial Artist born on February 12, 1984, in Oxnard, California, U.S. Tony is of Mexican heritage. He grew up in Muskegon, Michigan where he lived with his mother Mary Padilla and stepfather Armand Ferguson.

Growing up as a teenager, Tony developed his athletic potential while in high school where he became a three-sport athlete in American football, baseball and wrestling. He was the starting defensive back for the 2000 Division 8 state football champions and was a three-time All-State selection in wrestling, winning the 152-1b division in 2022.

Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children
Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children

He later then moved to the University where he had a successful collegiate career winning in 2006 National Collegiate Wrestling Association National Wrestling Championship in the 165-1b division and has since developed a career in mixed martial arts from which he made his debut in 2008 winning his first UFC title.

Tony Ferguson Education

Tony Ferguson completed his high school education at Muskegon Catholic Central High School. After entering Central Michigan University, he later transferred to Grand Valley State University where during this period, he changed his major twice switching from Physical Therapy to Criminal Justice and finally to Nursing.

After graduating from the University, Tony returned to California to be close to his extended family. He worked in marketing and sales during the day and tended a bar at night.

Tony Ferguson Career

Tony Ferguson began his professional mixed martial arts career in 2007 competing in local tournaments throughout California. Nicked named “El Cucuy” in the ring — revealed in an interview to have got the name from his first trainer — made his first official Mixed Martial Art Ultimate Fighting Championship debut in 2008.

He won his first ever professional win defeating Steve Avalos at the California Xtreme Fighting. Subsequently, he won three more fights before tasting his first defeat against Karen Darabedyan on February 6, 2009.

Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children

In September 2010, Tony defeated Brock Jardine to win the Pure Combat Welterweight Championship. A year on in June 2011, Tony won the Ultimate Fight 13 Welterweight Tournament with the knockout of the Night over Ramsey Nijem and on December 3, 2011, he won the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter Season defeating Yves Edwards on a unanimous decision in Las Vegas Nevada, U.S. Having completed 33 Ultimate Fighting Championship fights since the Ultimate Council chose him as a Welterweight for Team Lesnar, he has a record of 25 wins of them, lost 2 games by knockout, 2 by submission and 4 by decision.

Despite his other major wins, Tony is widely known for winning the Interim Ultimate Fighting Championship against Kevin Lee at the UFC 216 on October 7, 2017. Unfortunately, he was later stripped of the title due to injury.

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Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children
Tony Ferguson celebrates his victory over Kevin Lee in the interim UFC lightweight championship

The 38-year-old Mixed Martial Artist aside from wrestling, also trained in boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Wing Chun. His eccentric fighting skills in the ring has given him leverage over his competitors and has earned him the spot record of the most consecutive Lightweight wins with 12 victories making him one of the toughest fighters in the Ultimate Fight Championship. He is ranked no. 15 in the MMA Lightweight UFC Ranking 2022.

Michael Chandler kicks Tony Ferguson during UFC 274 at the Footprint Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 7, 2022. (Photo credt: Harrison Green/ Zuffa LLC)

As an Ultimate Fighter Finale winner having won 12 consecutive wins and with the hope to win the interim championship for the second time became a nightmare after his first fight in 2020 against Charles Oliveira at UFC 256 where he was defeated by a unanimous decision.

Following this, Tony has been losing most of his fights throughout 2020-2022 since his last victory against Donald Cerrone in the UFC 238 Fight of the Night in June 2019.

Tony Ferguson Parents

Tony Ferguson was born to a beautiful family. Despite being born in Oxnard, California, U.S, Tony grew up in Muskegon, Michigan with his mother Mary Padilla and his step-father Armand Ferguson. Tony lost his biological father when before he was born which led to his mother tying the knot with the Scottish-American becoming the step-father to Tony.

Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children
Tony Ferguson and mother, Mary Padilla in a photo together

Being a step-father and a professional mixed martial artist, Armand Ferguson played an instrumental role in the life of Tony Ferguson. It is believed his athletic career in mixed martial arts developed Tony’s interest in sport at a younger age.

Armand Ferguson loved and took the responsibility for Tony’s upbringing. Additionally, he taught Tony everything concerning mixed martial arts as he grew older using his experience in his career.

Tony has a step-sibling brother named Armand Anthony.

Tony Ferguson’s Wife

Tony Ferguson is happily married to his long-time girlfriend Cristina Servin Ferguson. The couple’s relationship dates back to 2009 when they both met and had a lovely relationship together. Tony Ferguson and Cristina Servin got engaged in 2011 and officially married in June 2012. Their wedding was held in private; attended by loved ones, including friends and family. In 2022, the couple celebrated their one-decade anniversary of being together.

Tony Ferguson and his wife Cristina Servin in a wedding photoshoot together

Although Cristina Servin Ferguson gained her fame as a wife to the celebrated mixed martial artist, they are a few details about her life private that is not mostly talked about. Cristina Servin was born on August, 15,1991, in the U.S. Cristina Servin attended California State University, Fullerton. Before meeting Tony Ferguson, she once worked as a model in Mexico and participated in the Mexican Universal Jalisco as a pageant in Jalisco, Mexico.

Further information is not known about her private is unknown as most of her fame stems from being the wife of the American professional MMA.

Tony Ferguson Children

The couple is blessed with two sons. After four years of marriage, Cristina Servin birth their first son Armand Anthony, to whom the couple publicly shared a photo of their son to the world on Instagram. Armand Anthony was born on April 28, 2016, and is currently 6 years old as of 2022. Likewise, their second son named Angel Anthony was born on May 31, 2020.

Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children
Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children

“Today, my wife gave birth to another handsome hispanic son. One day, it will be a snap downs & dreams for him & his brother to run. Angel Anthony, my son, I hope you give your best at whatever you do & hope one day all that hard work makes those dreams come true. I promise to be the best dad I can be & remember you can count on me – dad.”

Tony Ferguson is a family man who loves his kids so much. On his Instagram account, Tony has a couple of pictures of himself and his kids having fun which shows our close he is to them. On father’s day, June 20, 2022, he posted a picture of his two sons on his Instagram as seen above in the picture slides.  

Restraining Order

Despite the couple keeping their relationship private life behind closed doors aside from what is publicly displayed on their Instagram and other social media pages, on March 2019, Cristina Servin Ferguson shocked MMA fans around the world with the news that promulgated and reported Cristina Servin Ferguson had filed a temporary restraining order on her husband Tony Ferguson.

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Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children

Cristina on March 14, 2019, filed for a temporary restraining order against her husband. She claimed that her husband Tony had exhibited unusual behaviour, including extreme paranoia, days without sleep, tearing apart their fireplace, and thinking that a tracking chip had been implanted in his leg during joint replacement knee surgery.

She told the Superior Court that Ferguson forcefully took their son from her parents’ house.

“He grabbed and pushed me and my mother, and we have been in constant fear as a result of [Tony Ferguson’s] threatening and violent behaviour.”

She, however, in a statement issued publicly disclosed that the restraining order is only a temporary measure that will help Tony Ferguson to receive the help he needs.

“Tony Ferguson is a good husband and good father to our son. The current legal proceedings are a part of a process to ensure that Tony will receive the help necessary to continue being the best possible, as well as to pursue his passion and career as a UFC champion fighter. All positive well wishes are sincerely appreciated, and I hope our privacy will be respected.”

She revealed Tony Ferguson did not abuse her or their sons but was concerned about her husband.

Tony Ferguson’s Net Worth

How much is Tony Ferguson worth in 2022? Tony Ferguson is estimated to have a net worth of $3 million which he earns as a professional mixed martial artist. Additionally, a portion of his net worth also comes from advertisements and endorsements for brands.

From the start of his career in MMA, Reebok has sponsored him. Likewise, brands such as Monster Energy Drink, RDX Sports, & Team Death Clutch have all also been major sponsors of his MMA career.

Tony Ferguson lives a lavish lifestyle with his family from his earnings. On one of his fights at the UFC 274, he is reported to have earned a payout amount of $500,000 and on average earns $150,000 from his fights in the UFC.

Tony Ferguson’s Instagram

Just like many athletics and sportsmen share their lifestyles and promote their work on social media to their cherished followers and fans, Tony Ferguson is no exception to this. Tony is an active social media personality, who shares a majority of his lifestyle, family, UFC matches, and endorsement advertisement deals on his Instagram.

Tony Ferguson Parents, Wife, Net worth, Instagram, Age, Children
A shared post on Tony Ferguson’s Instagram of him and his wife.

Tony has a huge social media presence and a massive following. His verified Instagram account has more than 2 million followers and has made 3776 posts.

In addition, Tony Ferguson has a large audience and followers on Facebook with over 629k followers as well as on Twitter with 768.2k followers.

Tony Ferguson FAQs

Q1Who is Tony Ferguson?

Ans: Tony Ferguson is an American Professional Mixed Martial Artist.

Q2. What is the Date of Birth of Tony Ferguson?

Ans: Tony Ferguson was born on February 12, 1984, in Oxnard, California, U.S.

Q3. What is Tony Ferguson’s UFC Record?

Ans: Tony Ferguson is ranked no. 15 under the 2022 UFC Lightweight Championship Rankings

Q4. What age is Tony Ferguson?

Ans: Tony Ferguson is 38 years old.

Q5. What is the name of Tony Ferguson’s father and mother?

Ans: Tony Ferguson’s father’s name is Armand Ferguson and his mother’s name is Mary Padilla.

Q6. Is Tony Ferguson Married?

Ans: Tony Ferguson is married to Cristina Servin.

Q7. Does Tony Ferguson have kids?

Ans: Tony Ferguson has two sons: Armand Anthony and Angel Anthony.

Q8. Who is Tony Ferguson’s Wife?

Ans: Tony Ferguson’s wife is Cristina Servin Ferguson.

Q9. When did Tony Ferguson marry Cristina Servin?

Ans: Tony Ferguson married Cristina Servin on June 2012.

Q10. What does Cristina Servin do for a living?

Ans: Cristina Servin previously worked as a model. She currently does not work in an office or have a career.

Q11. What is the net worth of Tony Ferguson in 2022?

Ans: Tony Ferguson’s net worth in 2022 is $3 million.

Q12. What are Tony Ferguson’s career earnings?

Ans: Tony Ferguson earns over $1.5 million in his professional career.

Q13. What is Tony Ferguson’s height?

Ans: Tony Ferguson is 6 feet 0 in (1.83m) tall.


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