Toosweet Annan, a talented yet accomplished Nigerian-Ghanaian actor, businessman, and producer, was born on August 25, 1985.

His roles in Nollywood movies including Black Men Rock (2018), P over D (2019), and the African Movie Channel Original Production Rekindle have made him well-known (2019).

Toosweet Annan profile summary

  • Toosweet Annan real name: Toosweet Annan Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Toosweet Annan age: 34
  • Career: Actor and entrepreneur
  • Toosweet Annan Instagram: toosweetannangh
  • Toosweet Annan net worth: $500,000
  • Toosweet Annan daughters: Novanna Annan and Adriel Annan

The exceptional performer Toosweet Annan brings genuine passion and emotion to the screen. He has been referred to as the “Next Big Thing” in the industry by various film critics.

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Toosweet Annan biography

On August 25, 1985, Toosweet Annan was born. Despite being raised by his Nigerian mother, he was born in Ghana.

He is the eldest of four children and a citizen of both Ghana and Nigeria. Later, he would return to Nigeria, where he developed his acting skills and built a successful career.

In Ghana, Toosweet Annan attended Nungua Senior High School where he majored in graphic arts. Later, he continued his study and pursued a fine arts concentration at Ghana’s esteemed Ghanatta College of Arts.

Toosweet Annan developed a strong interest in acting at a young age. He began acting, however, in 2008 after meeting with Joseph K. Serebour, the executive producer of Peaces of Films. His debut film, The Supremo, did an excellent job of launching him into the spotlight.

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Since then, he has appeared in a number of films, including The Supremo, Victims, Royal Diadem, Circles of Trust, and others. He has also appeared in local and international shows, where he has received much praise for his unique talent.

Toosweet Annan wife

There are rumors that Toosweet Annan is married to the lovely Sermira Adams. Fans were perplexed when the actor shared wedding-like photos with fellow celebrity Sermira Adams. Sermira Adams wore a cream blazer with a black bow tie and shoes in the photo, while Sermira Adams wore a blue knee-length dress with yellow ankle heels.

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Toosweet Annan daughters

Toosweet Annan, on the other hand, has two lovely daughters named Novanna Annan and Adriel Annan, whom he constantly refers to as the love of his life.

Toosweet Annan girlfriends

Matilda Quaye, also known as Matilda Hipsy, Salma Mumin, and Frances Ben, has been linked to Toosweet Annan.

Toosweet Annan Net Worth

The net worth of Toosweet Annan is estimated to be $500,000. This he earned from his career as an actor and entrepreneur.


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