Top 5 must-visit tourist sites in the Eastern Region of Ghana
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Are you a local or foreign tourist searching for the best tourist sites in the Eastern region of Ghana? Well, worry no more as your search is over. Eastern is one of Ghana’s tourist destinations when it comes to tourism in the country.

Koforidua or Koftown as many calls it is the capital city of the Eastern region with a calm and serene environment with cool weather. Koforidua was founded in 1875 by Asante migrants from Asanteman.

Top 5 must-visit tourists sites in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Due to its location, it has a lot to offer tourists and visitors, with a lot of tourist sites in and around the township. Here are the top 5 tourist sites in the Eastern Region of Ghana:

1. Boti Falls

Number one on the list of top five tourist sites in the Eastern region of Ghana is the Boti Falls. Boti Falls is situated in Boti, in Manya Krobo, 17km North-East of Koforidua. That is around 30 minutes’ drive from the provincial capital. The Boti Falls is a twin fall. To get a brief look at the excellence of the falls, one should slip seventy ventured steps. The Boti Falls has its source from the River Pawnpawn.

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2. Aburi Botanical Gardens

This one is for plant sweethearts. The Aburi Botanical garden is located in Aburi, around 30 minutes’ drive to Koforidua. The garden covers a land zone of 64.8 hectares. It was opened in March 1890. It is one of the best five tourist site destinations in  Koforidua. The garden is home to more than 1000 diverse plant species.

3. Tetteh Quarshie Cocoa Farm

Another must-see tourist site is the Tetteh Quashie Cocoa Farm in Mampong. It is the main cocoa farm set up in the nation. The farm was set up by Tetteh Quarshie who planted the primary cocoa seedling on his homestead after arriving from Fernando Po. Today Cocoa is Ghana’s highest export income earner and a big name in the economy of Ghana

4. Bonso Arboretum

 Bonso Arboretum: Top 5 Tourist Site in the Eastern Region of Ghana
Bonso Arboretum: Top 5 Tourist Site in the Eastern Region of Ghana(Image-TripAdvisor)

Another main 5 traveler sites in Koforidua is The Bunso Arboretum. it is situated in Bunso, a humble community in the East-Akim District of the Eastern Region. It is around 30 minutes’ drive away from Koforidua. The Arboretum is home to various types of flowers and plants. In the arboretum is Ghana’s second canopy walk. It likewise has a butterfly safe-haven.

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5. Akaa Water Falls

Akaa Falls is described as nature’s undiscovered beauty in Ghana. The Falls is a 7km drive away from the Boti Falls. It takes its source from the same river the Boti Falls takes its source. Akaa Falls is located near Akyeremateng village. One also gets to enjoy the rich vegetation and environment the falls is situated in. The best time to visit the falls is after the rainy season.  The Akaa Water Falls is definitely one of the top five tourist sites at Koforidua.

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