Top Aburi Hotels


Not sure where to lodge during your vacations in and also around the environs of Aburi? Here are the list of some of the top most popular and best value hostels in Aburi.

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History of Aburi

Aburi is a mountainous town in the Akuapim South Municipal District of the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is also famous for the Aburi Botanical Gardens and the Odwira festival.

Aburi Hotels

The name Aburi is the adulterated version of Abude by the European missionaries and traders. Aburi is the host to one of the most finest wood market in Africa. The Aburi community is also known as one of the best tourist sites in Ghana.

Top Hotels

As Aburi is well known as one of Ghanaian tourist destination, hence the home of hotels, lodges and resorts for its numerous visitors.

  • Peduase Valley Resort

Peduase Valley Resort is a resort known for its exceptional hospitality. They also offers the best environment for comfort, relaxation, events, conferences and also business purposes. It is located near the Peduase Presidential Logde in Aburi, Ankama Close.

  • Highlander Guest House

The Highlander Guest House is located opposite Kom Clinic/Police Station. It is also about 0.5 minutes drive from the Aburi Botanical Gardens. They serve free continental breakfast and also have a free parking lot.

  • Cactus Creek Ghana Hotel

Cactus Creek Ghana Hotel is a 3.5 star hotel situated at Hillside Getaway near the Aburi Botanical Gardens. The hotel has a bar/lounge, restaurant, and also a coffee shop.

  • The Lansdown Hotel

The Lansdown Hotel is a luxury resort located in the Aburi Hills. It is one of the world’s best and award-winning hotels.

  • Bribong Suites

Bribong Suites located in Aburi 2.3 miles from Chenku waterfalls. It offers a private swimming pool, fully furnished apartment and also a restaurant.

Aburi Hotels
  • Little Acre Hotel

Little Acre Hotel is a hill top hotel with a scenic view. It has a restaurant, sizable pool and also a cozy lounge area. Furthermore, it is situated in Aburi, a few minutes drive from the Aburi Girls Senior High School.

  • Korama Lodge Hotel

Korama Lodge Hotel is located in Aburi and is a 10 minutes walk from the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Also, the hotel has air-conditioned rooms, a bar and a patio.

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