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Why a Cardiology Practice Needs an EHR

Much like any other medical practice, your cardiology practice also needs an EHR software. While a medical practice can pretty much function without an EHR software, you would be surprised how much more efficient everything can be when one is employed in your medical practice. From helping you schedule appointments seamlessly to automating several billing processes; this software can do it all. 

In this piece, we will tell you about the top EHR systems which can help you with running your cardiology practice smoothly. With these software employed at your medical practice you can essentially optimize your work day to its maximum potential. Keep reading this piece to know about which medical EHR software you should possibly invest in.  

Top 5 EHR for Cardiology 

Athena EHR 

The first software in our list of top EHR systems is Athena EHR which is one of the most popular EHR software in the industry. The software has some great features which make it a top choice. The first feature in this software we want to highlight is the appointment feature which helps you optimize your daily schedule and set as many appointments as possible a day. The next feature we want to tell you about in Athena EHR is the lab integration feature which helps you integrate lab results in your software so you can essentially both order lab tests for your patients as well as automatically receive the results for those tests as soon as they are made available. 


NueMD is a very popular EHR software and has a lot of wonderful features which justify its popularity. The software really helps you keep all your electronic records for your patients safe and in a designated area so that you do not lose track of them. The software streamlines all your data so that it stays in one place. All in all, this is a great software and helps you keep everything well organized at your medical practice. 

The software also helps you keep track of your billing so that there are no mishaps and you do not overcharge a customer several times. It helps you make sure that you are on top of your finances as well. 


The third software in our list for top EHR systems is DrChrono which is a very popular software. And it is not surprising because this software has a lot of incredible features. The first feature we want to tell you about is the messaging platform which can be used by patients to directly message their physician and be able to communicate with them. 

Another wonderful feature in DrChrono is the ROI analysis feature that helps you figure out how much return you are getting on your investment in the software and overall which helps you learn about what areas you need to improve upon. 

eClinicalWorks EHR

eClinicalWorks is one of the most popular medical EHR software in the market. The software has a patient portal which allows patients to be able to log on to a software and then manage their own appointments, directly communicate with the physician through a secure platform and much more. 

Other than that, what makes eClinicalWorks a contender for a place in the top EHR systems list is that the software has a robust billing feature with charge capture capabilities. What this software does is capture patient information when patients first visit your practice so you are not at risk of charging them multiple times by mistake.


The final software in our list for top EHR systems is PrognoCIS EHR, and this software has a spate of wonderful features. The first feature in PrognoCIS we want to tell you about is the telemedicine EHR which helps you see patients virtually via a video conferencing feature. This lets you see patients at home and also enables you to expand your practice by reaching patients you otherwise would not have been able to. 

The feature in PrognoCIS we want to tell you about is the template feature which allows you to choose from a host of different templates which you can further modify to fit your needs. 

Which Cardiology EHR you Should Invest in

If you are wondering which of these five software we recommend; we unfortunately cannot pick one for you unless we knew the specifics of your medical practice. However, we can give you advice on how to choose the right EHR for yourself. 

The first thing you should do is make a list of all the features you would want in an EHR software and then compare those features to the ones in the EHR software you are checking out. Another thing you should do is to ask the vendor for a demo of whatever of the Top EHR systems in our list above you think is the best choice for you. Once you have a demo of the software you will be better able to draw a conclusion.


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