Travel and Tourism Course Online
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Are you interested in learning more about travel and tourism? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This post is about free travel and tourism course online that will help gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter that interests you; giving you the confidence to pursue your ambition. Travel and tourism is a field involved in hospitality management, travel management, and tour management among others. It has endless job opportunities across the globe.

This free online course teaches you all the basics of the travel industry. You will learn about different types of travel, how to plan a trip, budgeting for your trip, and much more. This short course will provide you with all the tips you need to get started in the exciting field of tourism.

Travel and Tourism Course Online - Free
Travel and Tourism Course Online

Free online Travel and Tourism Sites

If you are looking for a site to learn about the travel & tourism industry, then here are some of the best Free online Travel and Tourism Sites for you.

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Offers free courses with certificates in tourism. Course duration is 20 hours.

An online learning center that offers free courses and certificates in tourism and travel

  • Wageningen University and research –

It is a Dutch public university in Wageningen in the Netherlands. They offer free online courses in tourism with a duration of 5-7 hours a week long.

  • Brentwood Open Learning College –

A leading UK distance learning college that offers convenient and world-class education. Offers a course duration of approximately 20 hours.

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You can click on the links above to access the website.

travel and tourism courses

Which course is best for travel and tourism? There are a number of courses that can help you in your desire to work in travel and tourism. If you’re looking for a course that will give you the best hands-on experience, then Travel and Tourism will be your best option. This is because Travel and Tourism take real-world experiences into consideration when creating the curriculum which means that if you complete this degree, it’s more likely than not that your skills will be relevant in the current job market. Courses Offered under Travel and Tourism include:

  • Mastering wine tasting
  • Hotel management
  • Travel and tourism management
  • Entrepreneurship in food and beverage
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Digital management for hoteliers
  • Artificial intelligence in hospitality
  • International culture and tourism management
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Some career opportunities

What careers are in travel and tourism? Tourism is a great industry that can be worked in many different ways. There are hundreds of careers in tourism, and here we will look at just 10 of them.

  • Tour guide
  • Tourism manager
  • Luggage porter
  • Flight attendant
Travel and Tourism Course Online - Free
Travel and Tourism Course Online
  • Lodging manager
  • Recreational worker
  • Transport officer
  • Travel agent
  • Event planner
  • Travel writer
  • Travel counselor
  • Ship captain
  • Travel security
  • Entertainment manager
  • Food and beverage service
  • Airline ground staff
  • Airline travel and luxury cruise staff


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