Twene Jonas has been chastised by Ghanaians for criticizing Chief Imam over a donation to the National Cathedral.

Chief Imam

Twene Jonas recently released a video condemning the National Chief Imam for donating to the National Cathedral’s construction. Many Ghanaians have pounced on Jonas because of his statements, which they consider to be rude. However, a few people have found reasons to support the Ghanaian activist based in the United States.

Many Ghanaians praised the Chief Imam for his unselfish gesture when the uplifting news spread over social media, but Twene Jonas had a problem with it.

In his most recent video, the American-based Ghanaian activist slammed the leader of Ghana’s Muslim community, claiming that the donation he made was unnecessary because many Islamic communities lack development.

Reactions Following Twene Jonas’ statement, Ghanaians flocked to social media to express their opinions. Here are a few that I found very intriguing. To begin with, Otabil Kwadwo Abandoh agreed with Twene Jonas, arguing that whatever money available now should be used for developmental projects:

So this religious leader no that they are fooling us right? Nana Addo makes Soo many promises and still we are suffering and Our leaders are supporting him too. The Youth has no Job to do but the religious leaders are busy fulfilling someone’s promise in the name of GOD. But they can’t even help him to build Jobs for the youth in the country.

Twene Jonas, on the other hand, was cautioned by Wondong Emmanuel Stanly, who said: Pray for God’s grace to get to the age of the chief Imam, you will understand that wisdom is not sold in the market.

Akua Frimpomaa also warned Twene Jonas that: Can someone please tell this gentleman that if God has granted him to be out of this country he should concern himself with ways he can be productive give back to his loved ones.. Of he really wants the country fixed he should relocate back to Ghana to help

Twene Jonas was recently approached on the street by a Ghanaian man living in America. The outspoken Ghanaian vlogger was seen telling the man that he was merely pretending to be wealthy in a new video that has gone viral. He was overheard telling the man that he was merely boasting on social media to gain likes.


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