Terry Perry is an American actor actor, producer, comedian and playwright who is famous for his great scripts.

Many know Terry for his role as an elderly woman in the Madea. Aside for Hollywood he is one of the most respected and richest actor in America in 2022.

Tyler Perry was born on 13th September  1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America to Willie Maxine Perry and Emmitt Perry, Sr.

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Tyler Perry Children
Tyler Perry Children

Tyler Perry Children: Meet Aman Tyler Perry

Does Terry Perry have kids? Tyler Perry is not only a husband but a father. He has a son called Aman Tyler Perry.

Aman Tyler Perry was born on November 30, 2014, to Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry. Terry Perry son is 8 years old.

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Does Tyler Perry have any biological children?

Tyler Perry has a son called Aman Tyler.


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