Vicky White Cause Of Death
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What is Vicky White Cause Of Death? According to Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding, Vicky White, a former Alabama prison officer, died of her injuries after she and runaway inmate Casey White was arrested in Indiana earlier Monday.

She was hospitalized with self-inflicted gunshot wounds after being caught during a car chase in Evansville, Indiana, according to US Marshals.

Vicky White Cause Of Death

Wedding reported that her injuries were “very significant” at the time. Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County, Alabama, where the pair escaped on April 29, said no law enforcement personnel fired shots.

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Before the chase began, authorities conducting surveillance observed Vicky White entering a motel wearing a wig, according to US Marshal Matt Keely. She then drove away in a car with Casey White.

“It’s obvious now the questions we had, we’ll never get answers,” Lauderdale County, Alabama Sheriff Rick Singleton said on “Dan Abrams Live” on Monday.

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“Knowing Vicky and what she’d be facing coming back — and more than facing the charges, facing her family and co-workers — I was just concerned that would really weigh on her and if it came down to a situation like it did today, this would be the result,” Singleton said.

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