ayra starr falls on afrochella video
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Ayra Starr, a Nigerian musician, played at the 2022 Afrochella concert in Ghana and had a fantastic night until something hilarious happened.

When the unexpected happened, the energetic ‘Rush’ hitmaker was walking up and down the grand stage in haste while wearing a pair of high heel boots.

Ayra stumbled and fell on the ground while singing, and as embarrassing as it may sound, the young and confident musician was able to salvage the situation by instantly getting up and continuing to play as if nothing had happened.

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It did not, however, make the situation any less amusing because it was caught on tape by one of the numerous admirers at the Afrochella Concert. The unforgettable performance took place on December 29th in Accra at Marine.

The unforgettable performance took place on December 29th in Accra at Marine Drive, Black Star Square. The two-day event will resume on December 30th.
One of the guests posted a video of the incident on social media, which elicited humorous reactions from netizens.

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