VIDEO: Man ‘throws an egg at King Charles’ before being arrested for assault
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A man has been charged with assault because he is said to have thrown an egg at King Charles. Bedfordshire Police said the alleged incident happened in the town center of Luton while the monarch was there on a visit and meeting people.

A man in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of simple assault, which was confirmed. Police said that they think someone threw an egg at the monarch in St. George’s Square.

Shortly after he arrived, his security staff moved King Charles, 74, away from the crowds outside of Luton Town Hall.

After being moved to a different area, the king went back to shaking hands with people. The monarch is in Luton for a series of visits. He has been to the Luton Town Hall and the newly built Guru Nanak Gurdwara.

Charles seemed happy when he got there, and he smiled as he met with community leaders and nonprofits.

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The King, who had a bandage on his left thumb, took off his shoes and put on a Ramaal headscarf when he went to the Sikh temple. When he greeted people, he made the namaste sign.

He bowed in front of Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy book, and sat on the floor with his legs crossed, wearing an orange scarf over his suit. He was then asked to unveil a plaque to show that the Gurdwara was open for business.

The plaque said that it was Tuesday, and Charles made a joke about how lucky he was to have “shown up on the right day.”

When he got to the town hall, Susan Lousada, the Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, and Councillor Sameera Saleem, the mayor of Luton, were there to greet him. He then met with local groups and members of the public.

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It happens less than a month after a man in York threw four eggs at Charles. Patrick Thelwell, who is 23 years old and used to run for office as a Green Party candidate, was later found to be the protester. After the incident where all four eggs missed the target, North Yorkshire Police let him go on bail.

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