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Vinicius Junior Wife: Who Is Maria Julia Mazalli?


Vinicius Junior is a talented Real Madrid forward with a lot of fame and recognition to his name. This article tells you about Vinicius Junior’s wife Maria Julia Mazalli.

Who is Vinicius Junior?

Vinicius José Paixo de Oliveira Jr., also known as Vini Jr. or Vinicius Jnior. Vini Jr began his professional career in 2017 with Flamengo. He spent two years with Flamengo, but his performance earned him a transfer to Real Madrid Castilla.

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Vinicius joined Real Madrid Castilla in 2018-2019, making some appearances for the Real Madrid senior team that year before becoming a full-time member in 2019-2020. He has since made 191 appearances for Real Madrid, scoring 47 goals.

Most scouts were aware of Vini Jr when he was at Flamengo, but he earned his current reputation and recognition as a result of his outstanding performances at Real Madrid.

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Vini Jr was born in the Brazilian city of So Gonçalo. He was born on July 12, 2000, and is currently regarded as one of the best young players in the game.

Vinicius Junior Wife: Who Is Maria Julia Mazalli?

Vini Jr was previously married to Maria Julia Mazalli. Maria Julia Mazalli, unlike Vini, was born into a wealthy family and had a happy childhood. She has not, however, made her parents’ identities public.

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