20 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

20 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

20 Ways To Make Your Wife: Your wife will be your partner in many of your endeavors. She is the backbone of your happy family and you wouldn’t want to lose that. Without a happy wife, there isn’t a happy home. It is the responsibility of the husband and as a man to ensure your family is happy and that means you should ensure that your wife is happy.

20 Ways To Make Your Wife Happy

How can you make your wife happy? These are the ways to make your wife happy when she is angry;

1. Compliment her in public whenever you introduce her to your mates and colleagues.

The first among the 20 ways to make your wife happy is to compliment her in public. Your complimenting your wife in public shows that you acknowledge her efforts and contribution to family life. This makes her happier.

2. Cook homemade meals for her.

This could be routinely or once in a while. Either way, it makes you show appreciation for whatever she has been involved in. It shows you are paying attention to her every need.

3. Give a listening ear to your wife.

Many men assume it’s utterly hard to please a woman when actually the least things they do not consider count. Listening to your spouse shows your attention to every detail of her life and that draws them closer to you and makes them happier.

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4. Hug your wife every day.

Regular body contact with your wife shows that you aren’t distancing yourself from her. Women like to be loved and they presume body contact is one of several signs to show your love.

5. Do some house chores.

This indicates your concern for making you’re gone a real abode. She would appreciate that and this goes down to make her happy.

6. Give your wife a helping hand when she wants to be industrious.

Help her out when she is trying hard to start up a business or further her education. Take her seriously and keep heed to her judgments.

7. Be appreciative and accept her for who she is.

Complaining bitterly and showing regrets for being with her because of her attitude won’t help. Criticize constructively if you want to make her happy.

8. Stand up for your wife.

In case she is engaged in confrontations or any argument, support your wife and be her backbone. Whenever she feels vulnerable or intimidated, be sure to voice out and protect her. This makes her very pleased.

9. Take her seriously.

Do not take your wife for granted. Do not just assume your wife is your mere subordinate and that her efforts and concerns really don’t matter. Hang out more often as this makes her feel special.

10. Compliment her looks occasionally.

Compliment your wife regularly and be sure to give your truthful comments when she asks for your opinion on how she’s dressed.

11. Accept her for who she is.

Everyone makes mistakes and it wouldn’t be great on your side to be always complaining. Your wife as a human will eventually make mistakes that wouldn’t require you complaining but covering up. That makes your marriage a safe haven and she would be thankful for that.

12. Make it up to her on timely occasions.

In case you forgot to do something she had asked of you, apologize and do something better for her unintentionally. This goes a long way to show how much you love her.

13. Show appreciation for her efforts.

Be grateful for her appearance in your life and always compliment her for the positive changes she has brought to your life.

14. Show your love to her.

Make your marriage as if you were dating. Routinely send her greeting cards, birthday wishes, and positive blessings out of the unknown. It creates a romantic atmosphere in your marriage and she would always be happy.

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15. Splurge on her occasionally.

Be ever ready to hook your wife up for a surprise. Give her choices for holidays and present to her day many fantastic activities you would like to engage in with her. It makes your marriage a romantic haven.

16. Make efforts to groom yourself.

Your wife wouldn’t want you all over the place and being disrespectful or ill-mannered. No wife would be happy or appreciative of an unkempt or uncourteous man. So be sure to train yourself around her.

17. Make your wife feel wanted sexually.

Engage in pillow fights and evening whispers with her. Your wife would love to be complimented in bed and also feel like a sex goddess. This makes her happy.

18. Treat your wife as an equal.

Make her efforts count and treat her in a way that shows you do not see her as a servant or just a kitchen rat. Be supportive of her ideas and make her feel welcomed.

19. Talk to her honestly.

Whenever she asks you for an opinion, be sure to tell her the truth and nothing more. It would rather hurt to know the truth from a different person other than you.

20. Communicate with her always.

The 20 ways to make your wife happy is to communicate with her always. People sometimes marry primarily for companionship and hence you must open up to her. Bring on a conversation and be certain to go in-depth with her. She might want to know more about what goes into your life at work and in meetings.

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