Ike Person Cause Of Death

Ike Person was a skilled basketball coach and a former athlete. He was a well-known basketball forward between 1979 and 1983. Ike Person was a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association team Michigan Wolverines. He was selected in the Detroit Pistons’ 1983 draft, although he never signed a contract. Ike later joined Torbjorn Bjornstrom’s KFUM Basketbollklubb Skelleftea in Swedish Division 2.

Ike Person Cause Of Death

What Was Ike Person Cause Of Death?

Ike Person, a basketball coach, passed away on August 19, 2022. Ike Person Cause Of Death is still unknown. The @basketse Twitter handle for Swedish Baseball posted information about Ike’s passing. They wrote;

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1960-2022 ‘Ike Person’ We have received the heartbreaking news that Isaac “Ike” Person has passed away far too soon. Ike was a Swedish basketball legend, first as a player and then as a coach, club manager, referee, and trainer. We send our condolences to Ike’s family.’

Ike Person wife

Is Ike Person married? Ike Person, the coach, was a married man. Ike Person wife was Ingegerd Person, a retired Swedish basketball player. Ike Person’s wife Ingegerd previously competed for Cometerna, a Basketetta non-league team. She is also the mother of Person’s sons Andreas, Jonathan, and Alexander.

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Ike Person children

Does Ike Person have kids? Ike Person has three sons with his late wife. Ike Person children are Andreas, Jonathan, and Alexander. Just like his parents, Andreas became well-known in basketball. Prior to joining Bors Basket, he played for Uppsala Basket, LF Basket, Jämtland Basket, and Uppsala Basket. Jonathan Person has also participated in games for LF Basket, 08 Stockholm, and Sundsvall Dragons. The youngest member of the family, Alexander, participated in basketball for Uppsala and KFUM Uppsala.


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