Where is Kokrobite Beach Located?

The Kokrobite beach is one of the beautiful and most famous beaches located on the outskirts of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It has one of the beautiful layouts. In this article, we will be discussing the history of the community where the beach is located and also some of the popular hotels and guesthouses there.

Brief History of Kokrobite

Kokrobite is a small town found along the Atlantic coast to the west of Accra. Because of the traditional sea fishing, its white-sand beaches, and its nightlife, the town is well known.

Where is Kokrobite Beach Located?
Where is Kokrobite Beach Located?

Kokrobite serves as a tourist site and also a destination for backpackers and international volunteers seeking beaches and a break from the busy capital city. Ghana statistics department 2003 survey shows that Kokrobite has a population of between 4000 and 6000.

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English and Twi are widely spoken at Kokrobite but their local dialect is Ga. People all over Ghana descend to Kokrobite to enjoy food, music, and dance on the beach during public holidays.

The local people observe their transitional festival “Homowo” in the month of may which noise making and large social events are prohibited since it is believed that it will hinder the maturity of the crops. They celebrate the “Homowo” festival in remembrance of the gaming that once challenged in their history in post-colonial Ghana.

During the festival, the dance they perform is called “Kpanlogo”. The tradition of ” Homowo” starts with the period of hunger leading to failure of the seasonal rains needed by crops in the Greater Accra Region.

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Hotels In Kokrobite

There are a lot of hotels in Kokrobite of which some include:

  • Kokrobite Garden (Kokrobite Beach Road)
  • Golden Lilies (Kokrobite behind hillside gas station)
  • Big Milly’s Backyard
  • Best Point Home
  • Premier Beach Resort (Kokrobite road Oshiege)
  • African Treasure Beach resort (Kokrobite Street)
  • Jamaica Inn Guest House (Weija)
  • MAXJEN HAVEN Guest House (Opeikuman Pentecost Road)
  • City Stay Guesthouse
  • Cheers Guesthouse (Accra Cape Coast road)

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