Who Are Enya Umanzor Parents?

Enya Umanzor Parents

Enya Umanzor is a well-known American content creator, social media influencer, and Youtuber. She has a YouTube channel called “Enya Humanzor,” which has nearly a million subscribers.

She frequently makes appearances while adding videos to her YouTube channel. In 2014, the young internet celebrity, who previously used Vine, switched to YouTube. Since then, she has continued to be active on the network, regularly posting gorgeous beauty and fashion clips.

Many people around the world admire Umanzor because she is a very outgoing young woman. Fans became more interested in her as she became more well-known. So let’s get to know who Enya Umanzor Parents are.

Enya Umanzor biography

Enya Umanzor was born on January 22, 1999, making her 23 years old in 2022. Enya publishes beauty, makeup, and fashion articles. She rose to prominence on Vine, where she amassed over 500K followers. Enya Umanzor released her first Vine video, “This Fandom,” on November 20, 2013, and she also signed a deal with the A3 artist’s agency to get all-around representation.

She then attended North Miami Senior High School, where she graduated in 2018. Because of her age, we believe she is a college student who is working hard to complete her degree.

Who Are Enya Umanzor Parents?

Enya Umanzor was raised in Miami, Florida by her parents Irish and Honduran. Her father raised her after her mother abandoned her when she was six years old.

Enya’s father eventually adopted three children. He also has a sister and a brother. She also shared a lot of photos of her parents on her Instagram story in honor of Father’s Day.

In… that followed, the influencer thanked her father for his years of dedication as a parent and a mother. Many Redditors have dubbed her a “nepotism baby.”

Similarly, some people have expressed concern about her cosplaying as a poor person despite her wealthy upbringing. Enya Umanzor, a YouTuber, has a video dedicated to her late mother on her channel.

In one of her videos, she discussed her mother’s death and the impact it had on her life. Her video indicates that her mother died in January, though she does not specify the cause of death.

Enya Umanzor’s parents have always been supportive of her career choices, and she has worked hard and persevered over time to realize her dream of becoming a well-known YouTuber.


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